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Olivia Moves Out Bedroom Kitchen Decor Wishlist Orange Black White Interior Design


So, I haven’t really mentioned this explicitly on my blog or YouTube yet, but I’m moving into my own place July 1st! I didn’t have much time to plan, so between finishing my online summer class & trying to move, I haven’t had much time to think about what I want exactly- but today that changes!

Although I have a ton of things to fit into my room, I definitely want to spice up a few of the decor pieces to suit my needs- plus, my YouTube filming area can improve. I have a few ideas of my dream kitchen, but I won’t need that much- so, all of these things are just good starting points for me to save up for, since I won’t need everything when I first move in.

Bedroom & Decor pieces:

IKEA TOBIAS Chair ($79): I’ve been using my desk as a filming background and sitting in my office chair in order to film- but, sometimes the black chair is visible and it really grinds my gears! So, the best way to fix that? A clear chair!

IKEA HOVET Mirror ($129): I’m not even sure this would fit in my room, but I’m feeling the major need for a full-length mirror so I can look at my outfits before going out, or even take the occasional #ootd selfie. I think this one’s the best option to see the full outfit…it’s super wide!

IKEA SKOLD & LAPPLJUNG RUTA Cushion Covers ($29,$10): I got a new bed a few months ago and besides new sheets & a duvet, I haven’t done much. A few cheap throw pillows can definitely make a difference. Which reminds me, I need a white duvet cover…

IKEA SILLERUP Area Rug ($119): I think adding an area rug may be a great idea around my desk or makeup area in order to protect the carpet, since it’s a rented space. The geometric pattern looks nice, and the size is huge for the low price- both Target and Bed Bath & Beyond were more expensive.

Kitchen items:

De’Longhi Pump Icona Espresso Maker ($159.99): This is the one item I know I need to buy as soon as I move in. I’ve wanted a fancy espresso maker since I came back from Italy, but I’ve held off since there wouldn’t be space for it. I’m torn between black and white- but I may just get black because of the stain factor. We accept the cappuccinos with think we deserve- and I deserve to make my own instead of shell out $5 for one at every hipster café (although I love them too).

IKEA FÄRGRIK Orange Dinnerware ($24.99): I don’t want to pay a lot for dinnerware, since it probably won’t stay with me forever. I’m undecided between the white, black, and orange sets…what should I choose?

Cappuccino Cup Set from Bed Bath & Beyond ($18.99): You all know I love cappuccino, especially if you follow me on instagram! I definitely plan on making a ton to save money in the long run. I may pair these smaller cups with the larger 15 oz. Caffè Latte cups for those days when I need extra caffeine.

Golden Sculpture Flatware Set ($59.99): For 5 place settings, it seems crazy to pay that much for flatware. But, I’ve always had a thing for gold, so why not apply that to my flatware? I guess this is the moment I’ve saved up my 20% Bed Bath & Beyond coupons for, right? It’s just so unique and gorgeous!

Orange KitchenAid Stand Mixer ($349.99): I’m an avid baker and always use my mom’s KitchenAid in order to mix everything I need without the hassle of hand-mixing. Of course, for my first apartment, I’d want to save up for my own, in orange, of course! I think for the first few months I’ll use a hand-mixer, but she will be mine one day…

I definitely plan on posting more about my move, keep up with the process on my Twitter and Instagram, and then after the fact there will be great new videos on my YouTube, and of course- progress posts here!

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas (feat. L’OCCITANE, Rituals, Mantry, Crosley, and Brookstone)

Father's Day Gift Ideas Crosley Turntable Mantry Subscription Brookstone Wine Preserver L'OCCITANE Shaving Kit Rituals Samurai Gift Set
Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With under a week to go until Father’s Day, I thought I’d feature a few of my gift ideas for those that are left clueless and shopping last minute! Of course I had to include a few beauty-er…men’s grooming products, but dad’s have interests across the board.

If your dad likes to be well groomed (well, I’d hope so), both L’OCCITANE and Rituals have come out with great grooming sets for your #1 guy.

The L’OCCITANE Luxury Shaving Set ($140) is great for a clean shave, but they have other sets including fragrance, skincare and shaving as low as $21 to accommodate all budgets.

Rituals is becoming a brand that I love- and need to try more of. Their ayurvedic line includes innovative products for women and men. I chose the Samurai Rituals Gift Set ($45) because it features an array of shower, body, and shaving products specially developed for men, featuring a nice cologne scent. I love the foaming gel shower sensation that’s included- you’ll wish you had it too because it’s so neat!

Next, what dad doesn’t love music? Say goodbye to satellite radio and Spotify and reintroduce your dad to a blast from the past with a good ol’ Crosley Turntable. These are readily available on Amazon or at stores like Urban Outfitters and Best Buy, and they can get as low as $79.99. Scour a record store for some old vinyls of his favorite bands, and you have an amazing gift! Now try to convince me I don’t need an orange one for my new apartment…

If your dad is a foodie, skip the grill tongs and spatula and find him something a little more artisanal. Mantry is a curated food box that includes 6 full sized food products that are hand-picked with a monthly theme. Your last day to order & receive by father’s day is tomorrow, June 17th, so check it out now or give your dad an IOU. You can get 1 box for $85 shipped, or 3 months for $225 and 6 months for $450.

And last but not least, if your dad is a fan of alcohol- find something geared for his beverage of choice! Whether it’s whiskey “ice cubes”, a beer mug, or for wine guys, the Brookstone Automatic Wine Preserver– you can’t go wrong with something that’ll make his drinks better. The wine preserver is probably the best gift I’ve ever come up with for my dad- it makes wine last longer and taste better!

**This is a sponsored post- for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

Brazilian Wax FAQ & European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum Review | Video

Brazilian Wax First Time Experience Video
Is this thumbnail hilarious or what?

I think today’s topic is one that many bloggers and YouTubers that I’ve known have never covered…and that is, waxing your lady parts. I didn’t really know what to expect, and as a very anxious person when it comes to nudity or pain, I was very hesitant. So, I decided to create a video and tell you all about my first Brazilian waxing experience because that isn’t embarrassing at all!

I definitely recommend you watch the video…because it’s pretty entertaining. But, here’s the low-down on everything, from my perspective.

Why wax?: For me it was a bit of a cleanliness thing- I just feel cleaner. I grow hair very fast and shaving was a bit of a chore to do bi-weekly for very temporary results. I was also super curious about waxing in general…

Brazilian vs. Bikini: The main reason people opt for Brazilian is because they wax your butthole & up your buttcrack. A traditional bikini is just the sides by your thighs- the bikini line, and an extended bikini is most pubic hair, with a possible landing strip. Brazilian is the same as an extended bikini, just adding the butt region. I feel like there is no eloquent way to go about this, so bear with me!

Pain: This is all up to perspective. I am a wuss when it comes to pain so I opted to take an Aleve pain pill an hour before my appointment. I honestly didn’t think it hurt that much. My waxer said I didn’t even flinch! If you’re wondering what hurts the most, it’s definitely the labia and whenever they get the hair that is on the inside of the labia, which is a mucous membrane so it’s definitely more sensitive. The butthole/crack doesn’t hurt any more than a brow waxing- maybe even less!

Where to go?: I would recommend going to some place where there are licensed estheticians that are trained to wax. Avoid cheap nail salons that have people who don’t specialize in waxing. Especially because it is such a tender area that is susceptible to infections and even STDs (which you CAN get from going to a place that double dips in the wax- a big no no). I went to European Wax Center, which is a chain, but I had a great experience and my waxer was trained. I’ve seen some bad reviews but I think being in Los Angeles helps.

Price: A bikini wax will be the cheapest, an extended bikini being a bit more expensive, and a Brazilian being the most expensive. At more boutique places, it will be more expensive. Chains like European Wax Center have a reasonable price, but if the price sounds too good to be true, like at a nail salon, I’d stray away. At European Wax Center, a Bikini is $33, an extended bikini $40, and a full Brazilian is $47. I managed to get 50% off of my first service- they offer a free first wax for more affordable services like eyebrows, though. So that way I got to test it out but not waste a lot of money.

Soft Wax or Hard Wax?: I’ve heard horror stories about the soft wax with the strips, which was what I was expecting at first. That wax is harder to remove from skin, and you can be left with super irritated skin with wax still on it. European Wax center uses a hard wax which dries quickly and is simply peeled off- there was no wax residue!

How long does it take to grow back?: Less than 2 1/2 weeks out, I’m definitely not stubble-free anymore. But, my hair grows quickly. I think it depends on your hair type and body. It’s definitely just hearsay that you will go 6 weeks hair free, although waxing is recommended once a month. Before waxing for the first time, you should definitely not wax or shave for at least 3 weeks prior, or else some will be too short to remove and you will be uneven!

European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum Brazilian Review
European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum

Another huge problem with hair removal is ingrown hairs. Because I have a lot of hair (Italian genes) and it’s very dark, I think I’m almost more susceptible to ingrown hairs than your average girl. That was my main concern with even shaving that area. I’d say the amount of ingrown hairs I’ve gotten post-wax is less than from shaving, since I’d be shaving more often than waxing. A product that helps is the European Wax Center Ingrown Hair Serum ($25). I like it because it doesn’t have alcohol, which can sting and dry skin out. Makes a lot of sense, because it was in the Bikini Zone product that I was using before, and it was doing nothing for me! This serum also has glycolic acid for exfoliation & removal of dead skin cells, tea tree oil, which does wonders for acne, and coffee and berry extracts. I also liked their calming creme, which they used on me post-wax, but I wasn’t compelled enough to buy it. They weren’t pushy about trying to get me to buy the products after, which is probably why I wound up buying something.

Hopefully I was able to answer all of your questions- I know this post and video are both quite long, but it’s a topic with a lot of layers. I do think I’ll go to EWC again, as I had a great experience. I don’t think I’d be able to afford to wax monthly, or to get one of their waxing passes, but they’re a good option if you want to commit.

Break Up With Your Makeup & Enter To Win A Trip To The 2015 NY Film Festival!

Galderma Break Up With Your Makeup Contest NY Film Festival
Click the photo to enter the contest!

This year, we’re inviting consumers with rosacea– or those who think they might have the condition– to share a #nomakeup selfie of themselves and tell others how they stay confident even on “tough skin days.” Consumers simply upload their image and story for the chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two to NYC for the New York Film Festival this fall. Submissions must be done by June 25, which will be voted on during a sweepstakes from July 27 – Aug. 14. People who vote on the submissions, during the sweepstakes, will also have the chance to win additional prizes.  Winners will be contacted in August.

Galderma Break Up With Your Makeup Contest NY Film Festival Selfie
My “Break Up With Your Makeup” Selfie

In the past year or so, being comfortable in the skin I’m in has been a lot easier than it used to be. I’ve always been a super low self esteem/confidence kind of girl, probably due to a lot of childhood bullying. I always had bad skin, I was always the fat girl, I always had bad teeth. In the past year or so, both my physical appearance and confidence have changed drastically. From having 2 years of invisalign treatment, to losing 40 pounds in 2014, to having my skin clear up from fixing my hormones, I feel better than ever. And while I still may not be “society’s” version of beautiful, I’m my own version. I could have easily just posted a picture of my face that was posed to look cute, but I decided to post this gym selfie that I took after a work out in order to try to track my progress. A year ago I’d never post a picture even showing a fragment of my midriff. And although this post is geared towards rosacea sufferers, I think the term “Break Up With Your Makeup” can be a lot more than that- letting your inner beauty shine through and speak for itself.

Head to to enter the giveaway if you’re interested in winning an all expense paid trip for 2 to the NY Film Festival- I wouldn’t miss out on that opportunity if I were you- New York City is my favorite!

If you can’t answer the contest because you don’t think you have rosacea (what great skin you have!), you can enter to win this #NoMakeup care package with products from Cetaphil and a bluetooth selfie stick so you can take your own flawless photos! Kinda obsessed with it, not gonna lie. It would have changed my life while studying abroad!

Galderma Break Up With Your Makeup Contest NY Film Festival Cetaphil Giveaway
One of you will win your own Cetaphil gift basket including a selfie stick!

In order to win this gift basket, follow the rules in the widget below (it may take a few seconds to load). This contest is U.S. only & ends June 25th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**This is a sponsored giveaway & I have received these products for free- for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

LUSH Life’s A Beach Body Scrub Review

LUSH Cosmetics Life's A Beach Sand Body Scrub Review
LUSH Life’s A Beach Body Scrub

Last week LUSH launched an awesome new product for summer- a body scrub featuring sand as a main ingredient! Life’s A Beach Body Scrub is a mixture of sea salt, sand, and a vanilla scent that will leave your beach bod silky smooth.

Get scrubbed up and scent-sational! Made with natural exfoliants like fine sea salt and sand, Life’s A Beach is a gentle scrub that will help you buff away dry skin without harming the environment. We even gave it a scrumptious vanilla-caramel scent that will leave you kissed with the sweetest aroma. 100% of the purchase price will be donated to organizations protecting our waterways from microbead pollution.

I have been using this for almost 2 weeks, because I got it in a gift bag at Generation Beauty’s press event- so I was lucky to get a little sneak peek. I like this scrub because it doesn’t use microbeads, which don’t decompose and are littering the world’s waterways…all for a little exfoliation! Why not just use what the earth gave us, like sand? I haven’t thought of using sand to exfoliate before, but it makes a lot of sense because your feet always wind up baby soft after a day walking barefoot on the beach!

I do think the scrub it’s a bit rough, not gentle as they describe, but that makes it great for hard-to-exfoliate areas like the knees, ankles, and elbows. Just be gentle. I’d only recommend you using this in the shower, because it can get a bit messy around a sink- and I’m not sure I’d want to take a bath with sand! Don’t forget to moisturize after, as it doesn’t have any oil mixed in like other scrubs. I do find that it makes my skin softer than other scrubs, so yay!

Pick up this scrub ($6.95 for 3.30 oz.) at your local LUSH store- you won’t regret it! And remember “Life is a beach I’m just playin’ in the sand…”

**This post contains products that I have received for free-for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

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