FOREO Luna Facial Cleansing Brush for Combination Skin Review

FOREO Luna for Combination Skin Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush Review
FOREO Luna for Combination Skin

Ever since FOREO came out with their Luna facial cleansing brush a few years ago, I knew I wanted to try it. Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive the FOREO Luna for Combination Skin to try and I was curious to see if it would work for me or not!

Here are a few specs on the Luna:

  • Tsonic Technology: 8,000 pulsations per minute
  • Extra Gentle Silicone: nonporous to resist bacteria buildup
  • Waterproof
  • Anti Aging Mode: lower pulsations to concentrate on wrinkle-prone areas
FOREO Luna for Combination Skin Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush Review 2

Much like other facial cleansing appliances, the LUNA kind of vibrates in order to help clean your skin better. It only takes a couple of minutes of time, and the device alerts you by pausing the vibrations in order to tell you when to switch to another part of your face. From the first time I ever used the Luna, I noticed that my skin was baby smooth after, even though I was using all the same products! I’ve been using it for about a month and haven’t noticed a problem with breakouts until I stopped using it a week or so before I moved (and also coincidentally stopped using my prescription that keeps my acne at bay), so I did break out a little bit during that time.

The FOREO Luna retails for $199; this may seem pricy, but it’s worth the investment as you never have to buy any replacement heads or anything like that- it’s a one time purchase!

**This post contains products that I have received for free-for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

Moving Out In Los Angeles: #OliviaMovesOut | Video

A few weeks ago I made a blog post of apartment decor to announce that I was moving out soon. Well, the time has come- quickly, and now I’ve moved! Since I didn’t have time to film a regular beauty video since my room was a mess at home, and then my apartment is yet to be unpacked, I thought I would share a little video of my moving out process!

We were able to start moving in June 30th even though our lease started July 1st because my roommate Lucy and I were able to get the electric turned on, buy renters insurance, etc. So, my brother and his friends came down and brought a lot of my stuff- mainly my bed and clothes. That way I was able to sleep the night there!

The next day was dealing with Lucy’s movers at her old apartment and helping them move things to our new place, then Time Warner came because we couldn’t find where to plug in our router- it took longer than expected but it’s finally coming together!

Then, yesterday, we ran some errands: turning in papers at the apartment, went to IKEA, Costco, and Target, went to my parents’ house to pick up a few more things, then went back to our apartment and did our first grocery shopping trip.

I still have a lot to do as far as unpacking goes- I can’t wait until I can start decorating! I’m excited to be living on my own, and also to be able to have the room to be more creative on my blog and YouTube channel. DIYs, apartment & room tours-the whole nine yards!

Reaction to Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog’s “You Look Disgusting” Video | #youlookdisgusting

Overnight, a video called “You Look Disgusting” by blogger Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog kind of went viral. I saw it on NYX Cosmetics’ Instagram, and knew I had to watch it. As soon as I watched the above video, I instantly subscribed.

Em started posting pictures without makeup on her Instagram and received thousands of comments saying how ugly she is because she has adult acne. I thought the video was so beautifully done, because she juxtaposes some of the real comments over her makeup-less visage. Then she starts applying makeup, and the text on screen turns into nice comments about her makeup and how pretty she is.

The message Em is trying to say is everyone is beautiful, with or without makeup. I related to this video so much because I always struggled with acne in my teen years, which I got bullied for. That caused me to start picking my skin and acne a lot, causing deep scars.  I started wearing makeup to cover my acne and help me feel more confident about myself, but YouTube is a harsh place.

On Youtube, I got made fun of for my acne and scarring when I first started out. The main comment I remember, made on the video above, which really hurt was: “It looks like a pitbull attacked your face,” referring to my scarring on my cheeks.

I think what I take from this video is to not judge people- women are so harsh on other women. People’s words can hurt. Everyone is beautiful with and without makeup in their own right. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

My YouTube/Life Story (IT Cosmetics #VoteITGirl Contest Entry) | Video

IT Cosmetics launched an awesome contest to find their next IT girl. I don’t really enter contests much because it makes me a bit nervous, but I really fell in love with the “Your Best Beautiful You” being the theme. And also, the chance to win some money, go to my favorite  New York City, and create an IT Cosmetics product basically sounds like a dream come true.

I decided to be a little abstract with my interpretation of the theme and just talk about my life, because although makeup and tutorials are fun, that’s not the only way I consider myself to be beautiful.

Here’s where you come in- don’t forget to give my video a thumbs up by watching it on YouTube, and sharing a comment- there isn’t a voting system for this round, but only 20 people are moving on to the next round on July 1st, so the pressure is on!

But in reality, I’m glad I got all of this off of my chest, whether I win or lose this contest- I’m just lucky to have the opportunity!

I did talk about the IT Cosmetics products I was wearing, because I have tried some and I was lucky enough to get sent a package from them. I have always wanted to try their brand so that was incentive enough! Here are my first impressions- I want to do full reviews in the coming months.

No. 50 Serum Anti Aging Collagen Veil Primer: I only had a sample packet but I loved the citrus scent and the baby soft texture.
Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer in Neutral Medium: I got this as a packet sample also, and wore it as a foundation just for kicks. It looks like it matches me in the video, but it didn’t in real life. But, the formula is so amazing- if only I had a full size in my shade!
Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Anti Aging Micro Powder: Not a huge fan of loose powders, but this powder doesn’t leave me looking like a ghost- and now they have a pressed version!
Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder #8 Brush: This brush is so smooth and a great brush for the perfect dusting of powder to set foundation.
Vitality Brightening Anti Aging Face Disk: I love the highlight in this, perfect for strobing. The blush is a bit bright, but it looks nice. The bronze is really matte, which is good- I just don’t use bronzer much.
Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil: A new favorite brow product! Love the formula of this pencil- glides on easily and stays. The spoolie on the other end makes it easy to blend the pencil and make brows look natural.
Naturally Pretty Vol. 1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette: Jury’s still out on this one- I don’t find them to be very pigmented on the eye, but the concept of the palette is cool.
Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer (Review): My only foray into IT Cosmetics before. This makes your lashes super long and natural- like eyelash extensions!
Vitality Lip Flush in Je Ne Sais Quoi: I love the cherry scent of this balm- I’m not a fan of the tint, but I can make do because it has great ingredients and makes my lips feel like butter!

**This post contains products that I have received for free-for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

Cosmoprof North America 2015- See You In Las Vegas!

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas 2015 Beauty Blogger

Today I just wanted to make a quick announcement- I’ll be at Cosmoprof Las Vegas next month! I’m going to be checking out all of the newest products & beauty brands to blog about in the coming months…

I don’t have much planned, so if you’re familiar with the area- let me know what I should do/eat/drink!

And, if you’re a blogger also going to Cosmoprof, let me know! Would love to hang out with a group and peruse the show floor together. With over 1,000 exhibitors, I have a feeling we’re going to need tennis shoes…

If you’re a brand that’s exhibiting at Cosmoprof and are making press appointments, email me at!

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