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MAC “Fixed On Drama” Retro Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

MAC Fixed On Drama Retro Matte Lipstick Collection Review
MAC Fixed On Drama Lipstick

It’s no secret that burgundy lips are a fall makeup must-have, and a few months ago MAC released a collection of the mattest lipsticks you’ll find, with their “retro matte” formula. As soon as I saw Fixed On Drama, I knew I needed it! I have quite a few burgundy lipsticks, including MAC Media and Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb, but what separates them is that this one is completely matte, with no shine whatsoever!

MAC Fixed On Drama Retro Matte Lipstick Collection Review Swatch
MAC Fixed On Drama Lipstick Swatch

I don’t think it looks that great up close, as it’s a bit drying…but it is the perfect matte. The formula is long-lasting because it’s so drying, which can be good or bad, depending on your taste! I think this lipstick needs a lip liner to be the sharpest, but I’ve used it without one for over a month and think it’s fine, it’s just not the type of lipstick you can apply without a mirror. Another tip: if you try to apply this with anything else on your lips (like lip balm) it’s not going to apply right. Your lips need to be as dry as possible!

MAC Fixed On Drama Retro Matte Lipstick Collection Review Swatch (2)
Fixed On Drama Swatch

I love to wear it with my current favorite eye look: pale neutral eyes using matte shadows with a focus on mascara and brows. Top it off with some Fixed On Drama for a pop of color that looks sophisticated. I think this lipstick is a great addition to anyone’s collection. And who can resist the sweet scent of a new MAC lipstick? No one.

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Free Admission To Sassy City Chicks Los Angeles!

Sassy City Chicks LA Invite

Hey LA readers! Today I wanted to share a cool looking event with you guys. Next week, on November 21st, Sassy City Chicks is coming to LA! This event is going to be held at the Petersen Automotive Museum and will be a fun night of shopping & pampering! There will be discounts on brands as well as spa services, including mini manicures by celebrity manicurist (i.e. OPRAH) Gloria Williams.

Sassy City Chicks LA

Sassy City Chicks has offered my readers a free admission- how great is that? Use code “OLIVIA” to get free admission to the event. Only 25 free tickets are available, so get them ASAP! Make sure to bring friends and make it a GNO! Unfortunately I can’t attend because I’ll be out of town for Thanksgiving, but have fun for me!

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Sephora Friends & Family Sale Information & Invite 2013 (20% Off!)

Sephora Friends and Family Sale 2013 Information Employee Invite
This is the email you will receive, but of course, with your own unique code!

*EDIT: 10/24/13: I am not a Sephora employee so I DO NOT haves access to codes. I merely posted this as information. I appreciate the response, but please do not leave a comment or tweet me to send you a code! I hear there will be a 20% off sale in November, so I’d wait it out. Thank you for understanding!*

Hi beauties! It’s that time of year again…Sephora is back with their Friends & Family sale! Like last year, rather than making it available to everyone, you have to “know” a Sephora employee that will send you a code.  The sale is for 20% off, which is pretty much the best that Sephora sales get. I recommend buying all of your expensive products & even Christmas presents now! Purchase expensive sets, fragrance, palettes, skincare, you name it! Now I’m sure you’re thinking…”how can I get a code?” Simply call your store and ask for a code, and they should be able to give it to you through your email!

Don’t know what to buy? I can help you out with that. If you’re eying some specific products and want to know what to pick, just ask me and I’ll answer ASAP! As for what I’m purchasing? I am picking up BECCA Cosmetics Ever Matte Primer & Shine Proof Foundation. I recently got a sample of the primer and think it’s amazing, and I tried a different formula of their foundation and it was a perfect match to my skintone! Feel free to tweet me as well- I’m always on my phone!

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iFabbo SF Social Media Conference Recap (October 12, 2013)

Last weekend I was in San Francisco for iFabbo’s Social Media Conference. I was super excited to see all the panels and meet new people. It was a short trip for this 1 day event, but it was a ton of fun! If you couldn’t make it out to #iFabboSFcon, keep on reading to see what went on!

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 PR Panel Alle Fister Crosby Noricks Adrienne Arieff Lorraine Sanders Rebecca Silliman
PR Panel

The first panel of the day was the PR Panel, which featured tips on improving press/media kits and developing better brand relationships. It featured Alle Fister from Bollare, who I saw at LuckyFabb earlier this year, Crosby Noricks from PR Couture, Adrienne Arieff from Arieff Communications, Lorraine Sanders from Digital Style Digest, and Rebecca Silliman from ModCloth.

One interesting fact from this panel is that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine…I think that shows the power of video. Speaking of YouTube, my 5 year anniversary on OliviaMakeupChannel is coming up next month! I also grabbed some great tips on creating a media kit, which is something I’ve never done before.

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Increasing Reach & Followers Panel Laurie Mueller Facebook Alex Loscher Marlena Stell Makeup Geek Jen Mathews MyBeautyBunny Sinead Norenius
Social Media Panel

Next there was a social media panel that focused on increasing reach and followers, which is a big concern for me! It featured Laurie Mueller from Facebook, Alex Loscher from Google+, Marlena Stell from MakeupGeek, and my friend Jen Mathews from MyBeautyBunny. iFabbo’s fabulous co-founder Sinead Norenius moderated this panel.

I learned a lot of great tips on how to improve my Facebook page, as well as tips on increasing my followers on various social sites. I’m definitely going to try to utilize “call to action” in my YouTube videos…asking viewers to do something should definitely increase interaction!

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Photography Videography Panel Serge Jespers Adobe Jeff Fluhr Spreecast Jim Barcelona Instagram Susan Yara Hadi Leila Labarang
Photography/Videography Panel

Next up was the Photography & Videography panel. This one is very important in my opinion because if you have bad photo or video quality, it can make or break how well your blog/YouTube does.  This panel had Adobe’s Serge Jespers, Spreecast’s Jeff Fluhr, InstagramersSF’s Jim Barcelona, and NewBeauty Magazine’s Susan Yara. It was moderated by Hadi Leila Labarang, editor of Bay Fashion Magazine & founder of My Muse Box.

I will say that I didn’t learn too much from this panel personally, because I have done a lot of research to improve my photography & videography skills over the years, and most of which was information I’ve already heard. But, for a new blogger or a blogger who is looking to improve, this was perfect. I was glad to see that Adobe is upping their Photoshop game with Content-Aware. It was kind of hilarious because there were audible gasps while Serge Jespers was doing his demo, showing how you can use content-aware in various ways. I already use it with CS5, but in the next version it is going to become bigger and better. I think Photoshop is a valuable asset to bloggers and even YouTubers, but I think people are wary because of the price. Serge recommends Adobe Lightroom to bloggers, so that may be an alternative.

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Becca Cosmetics Fireside Chat Makeup Artist Kerry Cole Alexis DiResta
Fireside Chat with Becca Cosmetics

After lunch we had a fireside chat with Becca Cosmetics. We got a quick demo of their new Perfecting One Brush, which we got in our gift bags & I am super excited to try!

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Becca Cosmetics One Perfecting Brush
Becca Cosmetics Perfecting One Brush

The Perfecting One Brush is supposed to replace all of the brushes you use to do your face: foundation, blush, bronzer/contour, and highlighting. I’m excited to try this out on myself…I definitely plan on doing a video on this…it’s almost a challenge to see if I can actually look good after using the brush for all of those products, right?

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Becca Cosmetics Fireside Chat Makeup Artist Kerry Cole
Kerry Cole demonstrating for Becca Cosmetics

Here is Becca Cosmetics style director & national makeup artist Kerry Cole demonstrating the brush using Becca products. She managed to use all of the products I mentioned above in only 10 minutes!

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Monetization Panel Oliver Deighton Christine Martinez Luvocracy Amanda Nudelman Disqus Amber Murray Beauty Junkies Unite Koldo Garcia
Monetization Panel

Another important panel for me was the Monetization Panel. Blogging is fairly easy to get the hang of, but I don’t know the first thing about monetizing. It’s so hard to make real money off of blogging, at least for me. In this panel I gathered some great tips & new information that will help me improve my ads performance. This panel featured Oliver Deighton from Viglink, Christine Martinez from Luvocracy, Amanda Nudelman from Disqus, Koldo Garcia from The Mad Video, and my friend Amber Murray from Beauty Junkies Unite. It was moderated by Tonia Korakis, Sinead’s iFabbo co-founder!

After this panel, I know I’m going to sign up for Luvocracy finally, and also switch my comments to Disqus, because you can actually have ads through them, which is awesome!

Those were all the panels I managed to photograph, because it was hard to juggle my camera, phone, and notebook all at once!

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Dermalogica Skincare Skin Mapping
Dermalogica Skincare Mapping

There was a section with quite a few brands showing off their products & treating bloggers to samples. I had my skin mapped by Dermalogica and got a few samples…I’m even being sent 3 full sized ones to review. They had a few other products in their gift bag, and I’m loving the samples so far!

Peplum shirt from Boohoo
Peplum shirt from Boohoo

British fashion retailer Boohoo was also there, and they treated bloggers to a piece of their choice. I picked out this black top with a faux leather peplum hem. I really want to wear it, but it’s sadly a few sizes too small, because they didn’t have all sizes available! Maybe I can give it to a friend, or just lose some weight, right? We also received a credit to use on the site, so I’ll definitely write about whatever I decide to pick up!

iFabbo Social Media Conference 2013 Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint
Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint

Becca Cosmetics had their own booth there as well. I was able to snag a ton of samples, including their cult fave Beach Tint. Can you guess which color I picked? I’m also very impressed by their foundation & Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. I’m definitely picking some up soon!

That just about does it for my little weekend trip to the bay! Thanks to iFabbo for hosting a great event. I can’t wait to see how it grows next year. I think they will definitely have more brands. I’d love to hear from more beauty brands in the future…there are even a ton of great brands in the bay that they can reach out to (Sephora, Benefit, Bare Minerals, etc.) If you’re a blogger, make sure to sign up to be a part of iFabbo!

Don’t forget to check out my fall inspired outfits that I wore when I was in San Francisco! I hope to be back soon…

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Join Me At iFabbo’s Social Media Conference!

iFabbo Social Media Conference San Francisco October 12 2013

This weekend I’m heading out to San Francisco to attend the iFabbo Social Media Conference. I’m really excited to attend this event and learn new tips & tricks! I’m really impressed with the speakers and what you get when you purchase your $100 ticket ($175 at door). Not only do you get to attend the conference, you get to go to their cocktail after party, receive lunch, snacks, and beverages, and get a gift bag valued at over $400. I’m most excited to see blogger friends & meet new ones during the event through networking!

iFabbo Social Media Conference San Francisco October 12 2013 Schedule

The day is jam-packed with pretty much every minute planned out with education. I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends Amber of Beauty Junkies Unite and Jen from My Beauty Bunny speak! If you’re in the San Francisco area and you’re a blogger, I definitely recommend you to join the fun!

I’ll be sure to post a recap after the event. If you want to catch what’s going on during the event, follow @OliviaFrescura on Twitter and @OliviaFrescura on Instagram, which is where I’ll be posting. I know they are also showing the event through Pay Per View also!

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