My Tips on How to Have it All!

Tips on How To Have It All by Olivia Frescura

Today I’m going to be talking about a more personal topic…how to have it all in life! Essentially, when I think of “having it all,” I think of the work, family, friends, and love balance. While I don’t have too much of that going on, I have a few tips on how to stay organized and have time for everything! It’s important to maintain a work/personal life balance to stay productive and have an overall happy life. This post is sponsored by Style Network to announce the premiere of Tia & Tamera on July 14th. Be sure to tune in to see how these ladies have it all and stay sane while doing it!

To Do List

1. Lists Are Your Best Friend

Keeping lists are proven to help memory. The act of physically writing something down in a to do list definitely helps keep track of what you have to do, and reminds you to do it! I love writing down lists. Purchase post-it notes, notepads, and planners to help you make your lists. You can have a huge list or separate lists for work, personal, and more- it will help you stay organized!

2. Schedule Time To Have Fun

Even if you have a lot of work on your plate, make a point to do something fun at least once a week. Whether it’s going on a date, having a girls night, or something as simple as getting your nails done or seeing a movie, taking a break is essential! Remembering to relax is important, because it will stress you out more if you don’t allow yourself some fun time in between “jobs.”

3. Focus on Both Short & Long Term Goals

I think goals are very important to anyone- you have to know what you want in life to be able to get there! Utilize both short and long term goals to motivate you to work hard. My short term goals are getting a job and posting videos twice weekly. My longer term goals are working in New York City, and eventually, getting a designer bag. Goals can be serious or fun! Working towards a goal will help you stay focused on what you want, instead of getting distracted. It’s also great motivation to work harder!

4. Don’t Get Let Down When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Even when you seemingly do everything right, something will go wrong. Don’t let these little things defeat you or distract you from your goals! It’s important to not let things get to you, just keep the bigger picture in mind!

Reminders iPhone

5. Set Deadlines & Reminders

It’s important to stick to a deadline in order to stay productive. I like using reminders on my phone to help me stick to my deadlines. You can also use a calendar system to organize your schedule with your deadlines and reminders, to keep you on track.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you guys…and let me know if you’re interested in more personal posts! And don’t forget to check out Tia & Tamera on Style on July 14th!

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Pretty Peonies | Beauty Break

Beauty Break Logo

Some days I just want to skip a day of beauty blogging and talk about something else that interests me. Whether it’s a recipe, a photo, or anything else I can possibly think of, I’ve created a new “series” to my blog where I can post such things. Let me know if you like these so I can keep doing them!

Pretty Pink Peonies Breakfast Latte and Croissant by Olivia Frescura

Peonies & Breakfast

This week I am obsessed with peonies. I shot this photo after grabbing some pink peonies for $6.99 at Trader Joe’s and then stopped at a bakery to grab a croissant and a latte…it certainly made for a pretty picture! Pink peonies remind me of Blair Waldorf…I actually wasn’t really aware of the flower before watching Gossip Girl. I didn’t think I cared for flowers until I had them! There’s something special about having fresh flowers next to me on my desk- they make me happier whenever I catch a whiff of them as I am “working.” My peonies are actually going strong after a few days…a couple of weeks ago I bought flowers at the farmers market and they were dead the next day, which was a shock for me because I don’t have a black thumb!

Share something that’s inspired you this week…and let me know what your fave flower is!

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5th Annual On The Go Mother’s Day Beauty Event Recap & Photos

5th On The Go Mother's Day Beauty Event Olay Wow Eyes

Olay Photobooth

This past Saturday I attended the On The Go beauty event with my mom for Mother’s Day! It was in Beverly Hills at the Thompson Hotel, on their rooftop- it was beautiful! We were treated to a day full of pampering while enjoying the warm weather. We took a photo at the Olay photobooth and heard about their new #OlayWowEyes app. Just go to their Facebook and upload a photo of your eyes and it will show up in Times Square! They even email you the picture afterwards.

5th Annual On The Go Beauty

Ziba Eyebrow Threading

One of my favorites, Ziba Beauty, did eyebrow threading and henna tattoos. My mom and I got our eyebrows done- I love threading! I have actually gotten my eyebrows done at Ziba a few times and think they do a great job. I unfortunately don’t look as fabulous getting my eyebrows done!

5th Annual On The Go Beauty

Owl’s Brew

We cooled off with some delish Owl’s Brew teas…I loved them!

5th On The Go Mother's Day Beauty Event Nails by Q Salon by Michael Bezjian

Nails by Q Salon

I got my nails done by Q Salon- I will show you the color I picked tomorrow in a NOTD post!

5th On The Go Mother's Day Beauty Event Joico by Michael Bezjian


Joico had hair styling by celebrity stylists George Papanikolas and Mika Fowler- I saw a lot of awesome braids! They also had a fun instagram photo booth.

5th Annual On The Go Beauty

Olay Regenerist

Back to Olay, they were showcasing their Regenerist line including their new eye cream & lash duo.

5th On The Go Mother's Day Beauty Event Christina Milian and Violet by Michael Bezjian

Christina Milian and Violet

A few celebrities were in attendance, including Christina Milian and her daughter, Violet. There were also fun Stila makeovers going on- that booth was non-stop packed! Overall this event was a great time & it was fun to bring my mom along for Mother’s Day! Looking forward to next year!

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Five Favorite LuckyFABB Moments

Are you sick of me talking about LuckyFABB yet? I sure hope not! I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I’ve been brainstorming up new ideas…today I’m just going to share a few of my favorite things from LuckyFABB, which will give you insight into some of the tricks up my sleeve!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Business Cards

Bounds of business cards!

1. I adored meeting lovely ladies at LuckyFABB. I love to meet as many people as possible at events, even though I get a little bit shy at first! Meeting these women give me new content to read and possibly friends for future collaborations!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Conversation with Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty Recap

Drew Barrymore

2. I loved all of the speakers, but one of my favorites was Drew Barrymore, who spoke on Day one. She is witty, charming, and knows her beauty. She also seemed to be a big fan of bloggers, which you know I appreciate! I wish I had snagged a VIP ticket to meet her afterwards, loads of other ladies had the chance! In the gift bag we got a few more Flower Beauty products that I can’t wait to review!

When asked about bloggers…

“You have power and you earned it. You took a platform and made it for yourself. It didn’t happen on accident. I like the aspect of everyone sharing!” – Drew Barrymore

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Olivia Frescura

Just taking some notes…

3. The best part about LuckyFABB is all of the education from the guest speakers. I covered the nitty gritty in my recaps, but I didn’t talk to much beyond what the speakers said. Those little notes I scrawled down have been super inspiring to me. I’m thinking up new stories, new videos, new everything. As I said prior, is undergoing a metamorphasis!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Olivia Frescura Rebranding’s new tagline!

4. Going off of what I just said, I am re-branding my blog in every way I can think! I’ve already changed the layout, my description, and my photo, but I am planning on changing how I write my posts, what content I post, and plenty more. I’m so excited to see how these changes effect my blog success!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference SLS Hotel

Candy jars with metallic pearls and a pink tea cup!

5. Last but not least, I loved being in such an inspiring environment. I snapped the above pic during a lunch break and loved it so much I had to share it. It’s definitely some home decor inspiration that I’m going to be keeping in mind! What’s inspiring to you?

Now I’m off to plan new posts for you guys! See you soon!

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#LuckyFABB West Day 2 Recap

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference SLS Hotel Breakfast Agenda

Breakfast to die for at the SLS Hotel

Day 2 of LuckyFABB was a completely different experience than day 1, which was exciting. Instead of being in 1 huge conference room, there were multiple rooms with different sessions for us to pick and choose from. It was a lot more intimate, which made it a lot easier for questions. And thankfully, they got their wifi fixed, because it was failing all of day 1!

9:30 AM: The day started an hour later than Thursday…which I was thankful for- I need my beauty sleep! I got there just in time to scarf down some delish breakfast- fruit and mini croissants. I could eat like this all day…

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Beauty Tips From The Pros Session Bryce Grayson Procter and Gamble Beauty

Beauty Tips from the Pros: Olay celeb MUA Bruce Grayson

10:00 AM: As a beauty blogger, of course we had to go to the beauty session first! Stephanie and I sat down to surprise gift bags, filled with Procter & Gamble beauty products! (They own Covergirl, Olay, Secret, and Aussie…among many others. “Beauty Tips from the Pros” was a conversation with Olay celebrity makeup artist Bruce Grayson!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Beauty Tips From The Pros Session Bryce Grayson Procter and Gamble Beauty (2)

Makeup application using the following tips!

Some tips I found blog-worthy:

  • “Feel free to become a chemist and talk about it. Mix products. Find your own level of foundation that is good for you.” – Bruce Grayson
  • Swipe the first coat of undereye concealer and pat the second coat!
  • Go far outside the perimeters of a blemish and blend the concealer line way out in order to prevent blemishes looking more noticeable!
  • Don’t commit fully to a makeup until you get to your destination- pack a bag of essentials and tweak makeup according to the lighting!
  • Skip black liner in the day because you won’t be able to “bump it up” for night time! Go with taupes or dark browns (I love grays and silvers, personally!)
  • Bruce loves the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Powered Contour Cleansing System that I did a mini review of last month!

Aren’t those great tips? I’m going to incorporate these into my everyday routine ASAP!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Brand Experience Dylan's Candy Bar LeSportSac (2)

Dylan’s Candy Bar treats, thanks to LeSportsac!

11:00 AM: During the break we ventured out to explore the “brand experiences” that were available to us! We grabbed candy bags for a mid-day sugar rush thanks to LeSportsac and Dylan’s Candy Bar, who are collaborating on a line of bags!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference AG Jeans Brand Experience Chambray Spring Collection 2013

AG Jeans denim on denim on denim!

Another brand we checked out, AG Jeans, gave us an awesome denim scarf (like the one on the left mannequin). I love how the middle mannequin has a bouquet of baby’s breath in the pocket…it’s unexpectedly cowgirl-cool!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference How To Pitch Session Andrea Chao GUESS

How to Pitch, from GUESS? Director of Advertising, Andrea Chao

11:30 AM: For the second session, we selected “How to Pitch,” a way to help bloggers become brand fans to brand ambassadors! We learned what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to in this panel!

Some tips:

  • Keep it succinct & edit it down- these corporate executives only have 2 minutes!
  • You can teach skills- it’s all about your attitude. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.
  • If you feel unsure about what you’re saying, say it slower and say it louder.

12:30 PM: Right on time, a delicious lunch of hanger steak, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and cupcakes…along with conversation with fab bloggers. I saw Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons again and met Megan from My Other Closet is Couture and talked about our experiences as bloggers!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Grow Your Traffic Session Raman Kia Dave Cook TheFind

Grow Your Traffic session with Raman Kia and Dave Cook

1:30 PM: Post-lunch, feeling ever the more energetic and eager to learn, I headed to “Grow Your Traffic,” which was likely the most helpful session of the day! The world of SEO is so complicated, but Condé Nast’s Raman Kia and TheFind’s Dave Cook made it seem a lot more manageable!

Some highlights that are just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Over 3 billion searches a day on Google! (I think I do 5 a day!)
  • Hyperlink actual subject rather than saying “CLICK HERE!”
  • Use different sites such as Google Webmaster Tools, Spy Fu, & SEMrush to do research and check stats
LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Brand Experience JustFab Jewelry,Handbags,Shoes (2)

JustFab shoes, handbags, and accessories

2:30 PM: At the midway point of the day, we headed over to some more brands to see their offerings. The people at JustFab gifted us with shoe petals and a free credit for any item on their site…I think I am holding off on mine because I just can’t choose! They have tons of trendy pieces for spring and summer.

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Brand Experience L'OCCITANE Le Collection De Grasse (2)

L’OCCITANE La Collection de Grasse

The L’OCCITANE booth was packed with ladies sniffing their latest collection, La Collection de Grasse. I’d like to do a separate post on this collection, but essentially, it’s a 4 scent line inspired by Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. The four scents are Jasmin & Bergamote, Magnolia & Mûre, Vanille & Narcisse, and Thé Vert & Bigarade. The collection has one perfume for everyone, essentially! It covers fresh, fruity, floral, and sweet notes to please anyone and everyone! I will describe each scent in a separate post, although I’ve only had the chance to smell two!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Brand Experience XOX Betsey Johnson Style Network

Betsey Johnson dresses at the Style Network lounge

One of the most packed brand booths was Style Network’s. They were with Betsey Johnson (she was there meeting people in the morning!) promoting XOX Betsey Johnson (airs May 12!) and gifted us with purse-friendly lint rollers- which I have actually have needed but never got around to buying!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Style Day 2 Outfit Old Navy Target ASOS Nordstrom Necessary Clothing

LuckyFABB Day 2 Outfit!

While waiting for a session, Stephanie snapped a photo of my outfit for me. I wore my neon yellow oxford that I just got at Old Navy. I paired it with gray floral printed jeans that I got from Target last season! I think they make a nice pair. I wore studded loafers that I got at Necessary Clothing last year in NYC! Probably the best $25 I ever spent on shoes. My arm candy consisted of a cone-spiked bracelet from Nordstrom’s Brass Plum and a gold chain from ASOS. I topped it all off with an Swordplay of Saints necklace by Michelle Phan’s Ever Eden line, that I was gifted at BeautyCon.

3:00 PM: For my last LuckyFABB session, I chose “Digital Entrepreneurs,” which unfortunately didn’t help me much because I couldn’t see the panel the entire time, so it was hard to pay attention. It featured Leora Kadisha of StyledOn, Heather Lipner of Uncovet, Tracy DiNunzio of Tradesy, and Lindsay Fultz of HelloSociety. It was moderated by John Jannuzzi.

The main tip I learned was about Pinterest. Did you know you can check who’s pinning from your blog Just type site here)! I found a lot of people pinning my photos directly from the blog, not from my personal Pinterest page!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Gift Bag

The 18.5 gift bag (a LeSportsac duffle)

4:00 PM: After the last session we enjoyed tiny appetizers and cocktails from ModCloth. It was nice while it lasted but someone had the great idea to announce the gift bags being ready and the foyer turned into the running of the bulls…er…bloggers? Thankfully I was already close to where they were handing them out, but it was a pretty crazy reaction! I was off to haul my18.5 pounds of goodies (no joke) and have time to relax! I did get many wandering eyes on the bus and trains though…it was kind of funny!

LuckyFABB Magazine Fashion Beauty Blogger Conference Gift Bag Contents

LuckyFABB gift bag contents

8:00 PM: After I got home, ate, and relaxed for a while, I finally decided to crack open the treasure chest that was the LuckyFABB gift bag. I can’t even list off half of the brands featured in this bag. The gift bag alone was likely worth well over $500, and we only paid $200 to get in (and received priceless education!). There were beauty items, gift cards, discount codes, TWO handbags, just to name a few. This really felt like Christmas in a bag! Expect many reviews in the future of these “FABB” products!

To close, you’re probably wondering if you should go to FABB next year (or in NYC). The answer is YES. I can’t wait to attend for years to come, and hopefully attend in NYC in the near future, since that’s where I want my career to take me!

Thanks to Lucky Magazine, The SLS Hotel, all of the speakers, the brands, and the attendees for making this one of my best experiences of 2013!

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Go back and read my LuckyFABB Day 1 Recap!

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