LUSH Cosmetics New Innovations: Granny Takes A Dip, Zeste, African Paradise, D’Fluff, Mangnificent, & Parsley Porridge Review | Fragrance Friday

6 New LUSH Cosmetics Products July 2014 African Paradise Body Conditioner Zeste Hair Gelly Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb Mangnificient Soap Parsley Porridge Soap D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap Review

New Lush products: Mangnificent & Parsley Porridge Soap, Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb, D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap, Zeste Hair Gelly, African Paradise Body Conditioner

Earlier this month, LUSH unveiled 6 fresh innovations to add to their fabulous line. It includes 2 soaps, a hair gel, a bath bomb, a body conditioner, and a shave soap. I received all of these earlier in the month and have been putting them to the test to share with you all today! Let’s take a peek into the products and see my thoughts:

LUSH Cosmetics Mangnificent Soap Review

Mangnificent Soap

The first of the 2 soaps, Mangnificent ($6.95), is a blend mango (fresh and dried), Sicilian lemon, mandarin, and neroli oils to make a tropical cocktail for your body! I honestly don’t love bar soaps, but this is the nicest one I’ve tried. I love the citrusy smell and it lathers nicely!

LUSH Cosmetics Parsley Porridge Soap Review

Parsley Porridge Soap

The other soap, Parsley Porridge ($6.95), looks scary, but works just the same. This soap features parsley, thyme, and tea tree oil to act as a dirt-buster for your skin. If you can’t handle herbal scents, I wouldn’t recommend it, because it’s a bit potent. But, this one does a better job at exfoliating the skin because it has ground oatmeal. I didn’t love the scent, but since it doesn’t linger on my skin, I can handle it for 5 minutes in the shower!

LUSH Cosmetics Zeste Hair Gelly Review

Zeste Hair Gelly

The Zeste Hair Gelly ($12.95) is the first gel LUSH has come out with. I don’t use hair gel, so I handed it over to my dad, who has gelled his hair since I was probably in diapers. It has orange juice, petitgrain, and neroli oils to give this a very strong citrus scent. My dad didn’t like this gel because of the scent, but his hair looked the same as usual, so I’d say if you don’t mind the scent, go for it!

LUSH Cosmetics African Paradise Body Conditioner Review

African Paradise Body Conditioner

Just like conditioner for your hair, African Paradise Shower Smoothie ($39.95) does the same for your skin. I haven’t tried any product like this, so I was intrigued! You use the body conditioner in the shower, massaging over damp skin. Then, once you’re out of the shower- simply pat dry! You can still feel the product on your skin, it’s very hydrating and leaves legs soft and smooth with no need to apply a lotion after showering. This scent is a combination of carnation, clove, and sandalwood for a spicy floral scent. I honestly didn’t love the scent, but I like the product. LUSH has a few other scents online, so you can pick and choose to your tastes!

LUSH Cosmetics D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap Review

D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

And here we have, in my honest opinion, the crown jewel of this launch! D’Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap ($16.95) is a little piece of shaving heaven, disguised as strawberry marshmallow fluff. First off, IT’S PINK. Who doesn’t love pink? This whipped soap has fresh strawberries, egg whites, coconut oil, and maple syrup to create a scent that smells sweet and does a great job for shaving. I grab a handful the size of a nail polish bottle for each leg, and massage it to create a creamy and milky lather to shave my legs smoothly. Even without applying lotion or a African Paradise Shower Smoothie afterwards, my skin is left touchably smooth. I ran out of this too fast, and I miss it already! You NEED this one. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest store, because it’s sold out online as I type this!

LUSH Cosmetics Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb Review

Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb

And last but not least, we have the Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb ($6.95), is a psychadelic looking bath fizz that smells just like the scent of a LUSH store. It includes lemon, ginger, and black pepper and turns bath water a dark purple. It looks so neat whenever you dissolve it. I used it in one bath, although I normally break them up into 2-4 pieces- I just had to see what this one looked like! The outer ring has bits of bubble bar, so you can crumble it to get some foamy suds in your tub. If you’re a bath girl, you must try this for a relaxing bath. It’s been so long since I had used a bath bomb, it was pure bliss!

Overall I was very impressed with these new LUSH additions. I mostly recommend D’Fluff, because it’s my personal favorite and works for everyone. If you’re a bath gal, you can’t go wrong with Granny Takes A Dip. If you prefer to shower, try the African Paradise Shower Smoothie. And you can’t go wrong with either soap if you love LUSH soaps, I’m just not much of a soap girl. The only item I’d say to pass on is Zeste, as my dad was really off-put by the scent. But, I give him props for doing some blog testing for me!

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Hello Cheri Massage Candle & Oil Review | Fragrance Friday

Hello Cheri Massage Candle Hello Rendezvous Cologne Hello Amour Fig Massage Oil Fragrance Review

Hello Cheri Cologne Massage Candle & Fig Massage Oil

Today I have 2 products from a new brand called Hello Cheri, both designed for massage. I was a bit hesitant at first, as the site is focused towards all things intimate. But, I took a leap of faith since I enjoy candles and all things that smell nice. I was sent the Hello Rendezvous Cologne Massage Candle and Hello Amour Fig Massage Oil. Although these are both geared towards massage, since I am using them for myself, I can’t say I’ve used them in that manner. I just simply light the candle and let it fragrance my room with the scent of cologne. It’s very “single white female,” but I love the scent of cologne candles. The candle is made from soybean oil, which I thought was interesting. It has a nice clean burn and really fragrances my small room, even though it’s just a 4 oz candle. I can’t speak towards the massage part of the candle, as I am not a huge fan of massage candles because they’re too oily for me. I thought the Fig Massage Oil would be nice to use after the shower as a leg moisturizer. I liked how it made my legs feel, but it took forever to absorb into my skin. So, a preferred method is adding a few drops into a body butter or lotion, just to up the amp. I can’t say I love the scent of fig, but it’s a light enough scent that you can’t smell it once it’s on your body. The oil is a combination of jojoba, sweet almond, apricot, and sunflower oils.

The massage oil and candle come in an array of different scents. I think I’d like it better if the scents from the candle and oil matched, so they could be used in combination. The only “match” is their Sandalwood and Woods scents, so if you want a matching candle and oil, look for those scents. The candle costs $13.95 and the oil costs $16.95, which are not too pricey for what they’re being used for.

Want 10% off? Use code HELLOFANS on your order!

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May Beauty Box 5 Review

May 2014 Beauty Box 5 Masker Aide Pre Party Prep Mask Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths Cattiva Harvey Prince Hello H2O+ Cleanser Review

May 2014 Beauty Box 5

I’m always nervous to unbox my Beauty Box 5 every month, because who knows what will be in there and if I’ll like it. Last month, I was less than impressed with April’s BB5, so I was hopeful for this month. For me, this month did make up for last month’s dusty/old lip liner incident. There was a nice array of full size and samples to try from different beauty categories, it wasn’t too saturated in skin care, etc.

  • MaskerAide Pre Party Prep sheet mask ($5.99): I heard of this brand a while ago when they were launching, sending samples to different bloggers. This brand of sheet masks is available in Target and just includes a single one-use sheet mask. The Pre Party Prep mask features argan oil, orange peel oil, and honey to soften skin. I liked trying this mask out, but I don’t think I’d purchase it because it didn’t “treat” my skin, it just made my skin feel good.
  • Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths ($2.99 for 10 cloths): These cloths are kind of a strange item, but I was happy to get them for the summer. I haven’t been able to put one to use, yet, though, so maybe it wasn’t as good of an idea as I thought! I liked how they included 3 samples, so I didn’t feel duped by a sample packet.
  • Harvey Prince Hello Perfume Sample ($55 full size): This perfume is a light fresh scent. It includes a  blend of floral and citrus notes such as lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, plumeria, verbena, vanilla, and musk. It smells very light, and doesn’t last long because it is an eau de toilette. But, it smells lovely!
  • H2O+ Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel ($18 full size): This cleanser is a super thick gel like nothing I’ve tried before. I don’t really think it helps my skin, but it doesn’t break it out, either. This would be good for those with normal skin and no major acne issues!
  • Cattiva Cosmetics Precisione Eyeliner ($20): This black eyeliner is a full sized product, which is more than the box’s cost, which is great! The brand made me laugh because their name, Cattiva, means bad in Italian. I have more than enough black liner to last me, so I didn’t test this one out. But I’ll still rate it well because it has such a high value in the box!

Overall I think the box was great because the 2 full sized items were worth over twice of what the box costs. If I had paid $12 for this box, I wouldn’t have been upset about it at all! In the upcoming boxes I am hoping for some color cosmetics! Blushes, lipsticks, anything bright for summer will go well in my book!

Do you think this box is worth $12?

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May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review & Unboxing | Video

Vegan Cuts May Beauty Box Review Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Mascara Gourmet Body Treats Powder Tallulah Jane Perfume Skinagain Moisturizer Sevi Sea Salt Spray Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen

May 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

After being so impressed with Vegan Cuts Beauty Box last month, I was excited to receive it again, so I  had to do a video! If you are unfamiliar, Vegan Cuts offers a $19.95 a month box that contains 4-7 vegan and cruelty free beauty samples. I fell in love with 2 of last month’s products, so I was excited to see what was in the May box. Want to see my first reactions to the contents? Watch my unboxing video below!

There were 6 total products featured in the May box- let’s see my thoughts on them!:

  • Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lash Strengthening Mascara: This sample sized mascara was intriguing to me, because I’ve never tried a natural mascara. I was less than impressed with the sample, as it was in a basic tube with a standard spoolie, when the performance of a mascara is reliant on the brush more than the actual formula. I thought it looked and felt really natural, didn’t bother my eyes, and looked very black. This is ideal for someone who doesn’t like bold mascara. It applies a very small amount to your lashes!

Vegan Cuts May Beauty Box Review Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Lash Strengthening Mascara


  • Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder ($32): This powder doesn’t really appeal to me, but since it has arrow root I decided to try it as a dry shampoo. I used it once and I did like it because it was easily blendable into my brown hair. I thought the packaging was pretty chintzy, but at least it was a full size. Definitely wouldn’t pay $32 for it, though!
  • Tallulah Jane Halona Eau de Parfum: I don’t always love perfume samples, and this one was an example of such occasions. It smells like lime, but artificial lime, to me. It fades quickly, so not something I’d be interested in.
  • SkinAgain Youth Cream ($64): This moisturizer is supposed to reduce fine lines and increase elasticity. It’s an awesome full size, but I’m not using it because my skin is really finicky to skin care and I don’t want to waste it! Awesome to get 2 full sized products that are both well over the value of the box.
  • Sevi Blue Yarrow Root Sea Salt Texture Spray: This was an awesome sized sample, and smelled faintly of citrus. I had good expectations for this spray, but I was let down. My hair was honestly straighter than ever after using this! I wasn’t expecting beachy waves, as my hair is mostly straight, but I was hoping for some sort of piece-y look. My hair felt nice, the product just didn’t do what I expected it to do.
  • Goddess Garden Organics Sunscreen: This is a tiny packet sample, so it doesn’t really add value to the box. I haven’t used this yet, but I will soon when I’m out in the sun. It’s nice that it’s an organic sunscreen, because drugstore variants are loaded with chemicals.

This box just doesn’t compare to last month for me, but I am extremely picky. Based on the value alone, though, I’m ultra-impressed. 2 of the products alone are worth $96, well over the $19.95 price! This is the ideal box for a vegetarian or vegan gal who still loves her beauty products. Let me  know in the comments- do you think this box is worth the price?


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April Favorites (Rimmel, Jack Black, Batiste, L’Occitane) | Video

April 2014 Beauty Favorites OliviaMakeupChannel Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation Jack Black Lip Balm Batiste Dry Shampoo L'Occitane Neroli Orchidee Candle Bose Soundlink Mini

I’m a little bit late in posting my April Favorites video because I was super busy finishing up the semester. Better late than never! I have some products that I’m super stoked to share with you today…just click play!

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation- I’m posting a video and blog post on it this week, so I don’t want to spoil it too much…but this foundation is amazing for oily skinned gals! Great coverage and lasts very well if you use primer + powder. And bonus…it is ultra cheap! I got mine for $4.99 at Rite-Aid.
  • Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm- I just reviewed these balms, and I’m obsessed with them. Bye-bye drugstore chapstick, I’m all about this one now. I haven’t had any dry lip issues since I’ve used it, bold, matte lipstick and all.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo (Tropical & Hint Of Color Dark and Deep Brown)- I got the tropical dry shampoo in the beginning of the month and was really impressed by it, but I’d occasionally get gray residue from using a lot. So, I just got  the brown tinted one and I love it. It works like a charm. Definitely one of the better dry shampoos I’ve used!
  • Paris Hilton Can Can Perfume- I wore this scent my sophomore year of high school and it was my signature. There was something about the super sweet scent that drew me in, and I was recently lusting after it again. I will do a full post on this soon!
  • L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee Scented Candle- I just reviewed this candle and I LOVE the scent. It is such a classy scent that is a bit fruity and a bit floral without being old.
  • Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker- I didn’t know I needed a speaker until I got one. It’s so handy to listen to Pandora or Spotify using this, and the sound quality is much better than on your computer or phone!

I love all of these products! Definitely expect some reviews coming soon…Don’t forget to share your favorite products from this month in the comments!

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**This post contains products that I have received for free– for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

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