I am a 20 year old Beauty Vlogger and Blogger from Los Angeles, California. I am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing. It is my goal to work in a cosmetic company doing anything from marketing to product development! I’m currently interning in social media. I like baking, makeup, and photography in my free time.

This blog was started in September 2010 and I just switched to WordPress in January 2012, so I had to completely restart my feed subscriptions, which was a bummer. Additionally, Google decided to take Google Friend Connect off of all non-blogger sites. I had nearly 100 followers through that, so all of them were lost in the transfer and the removal of GFC.  Although there have been some speedbumps, I hope this blog can grow into something bigger than it was before in 2012!

If you ask me a question via email (olivia@oliviafrescura.com) I’ll add it in here!

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