ARDENCY INN Long Play Lip Vinyl (Club Remix & Original Mix) Review & Swatches

Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl in Original Mix Club Remix Review
Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl: Original Mix & Club Remix

ARDENCY INN is a new-to-me brand that has kick-ass colors inspired by the NYC music scene. I was scent two of their Modster Long Play Lip Vinyls to play with- and I am glad I did, because this brand rocks! (is that a pun?) These lip vinyl’s are extra-strength & pigmented glosses that truly shine. It comes in 4 shades:

  • Club Remix (magenta base + purple reflect)
  • Dubstep Remix (black base + pink reflect)
  • Original Mix (red base + orange and pink reflects)
  • Studio Mix (melon base + orange reflect)

I have Club Remix & Original Mix to share today…although I’m currently fan-girling over Dubstep Remix…it would have been perfect for winter!

Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl Club Remix Swatch Review
ARDENCY INN Long Play Lip Vinyl in Club Remix Swatch

Club Remix is a loud bright pink. It is definitely magenta, with just a tad bit of purple in it. It has a purple reflect, which isn’t that noticeable to me when I’m wearing it, because of how shiny it is. I can tell that it has a fine micro-shimmer, but it is so tiny that you can’t really see it or feel it, the shimmer just creates a glow.

Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl Club Remix Swatch Review (2)
Club Remix

It goes on fairly opaque, I used a thick coat to get a full-coverage effect, but it can also be worn over lipstick. I recently wore it over MAC Candy Yum Yum in my TMI Tag video.

Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl Original Mix Swatch Review
ARDENCY INN Long Play Lip Vinyl in Original Mix Swatch

Original Mix is a hot tamale red, with the same patent shine. This shade has orange and pink reflects, which make it more than your typical red. I really like this shade as is, but I think it would look great over an opaque red lipstick to make the most perfect stand-out red lips ever!

Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl Original Mix Swatch Review (2)
Original Mix

I think Original Mix would suit a lot of skin tones, it is definitely an orange-y red, but it isn’t too orange. I think it suits my fair skin well, but this cherry hue will look great on anyone. I forgot to mention, these have an innovative doe-foot applicator that is angled to fit on the lip perfectly…makes it easier to fit the contour of the lip  & apply product with a crisp edge.

As far as the formula of the Long Play Lip Vinyl’s, it is essentially like a thick lip gloss. It is a bit sticky, but it helps it last longer. And speaking of how long it lasts, I can get at least 4 hours of wear (without eating). It will rub off and make a mess if you touch it, so if you’re a lip licker you should watch out. Surprisingly, I found that the red, Original Mix, stained my lips a bit, but Club Remix didn’t. They didn’t stain my hand when I first swatched them, so I wasn’t expecting any staining. But, the staining looks nice & makes the color last a bit longer!

Definitely keep an eye out for ARDENCY INN this year- they are now sold at Sephora, which is a big deal! After being so impressed with these, I am definitely eyeing a few other products- including their Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Lilac, Custom Coverage Concentrate, Semi Goth Lip Gloss, and Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in pretty much all the shades…they even have a blue (Black is Blue) and an orange (Kick) that would be perfect for Tangerine Tuesday!

Find Ardency Inn Long Play Lip Vinyl for $23 on &!

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