BeautyCon Los Angeles 2013 Recap | Video


This past weekend was the third annual BeautyCon. This year was different because it was the first year that anyone (fans, friends, etc.) was allowed. I expected quite a turnout, but it was insane the amount of people that showed up! Unfortunately, the venue, Siren Studios, could not hold that type of capacity, so the line wrapped around the block! Once inside, there were many brands showcasing their products. I spotted a few brands I know: Proactiv, Lulu*s, and Toni & Guy, as well as discovered new brands such as Destiny Candle. There were also a few brands I completely missed, due to being directionally challenged! I sipped on a “#Twerktini” while perusing the different floors that held panels, brands, and other activities. We grabbed lunch from the makeshift restaurant, catered by Urban Palate…it was delish! If it wasn’t so crowded I think I would have been able to see a lot more, but I got tired rather quickly. The NYX Face Awards were held there as well, which I left right before, because we were already exhausted! Take a peek at my video to see my inside experience, along with the 2 previous VIP-only days!

Looking forward to next year already!

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