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How To Use Hair Chalk- TINT by Fine Featherheads (Party Pink, Silver Lining, Iris) Review Tutorial

Hair chalking seemed to be all the rage last summer, but this summer I haven’t seen nearly as much of it. So, I decided I would try it out again and see how I liked it on my shorter hair. I was sent three shades of TINT hair chalk from Fine Featherheads to try out, and I put them to the test for you guys! Applying hair chalk is super simple…go from blah to bold in two easy steps:

These hair chalks are super easy to apply and show up well on dark hair. I have lighter highlights on the bottom half of my hair, so I got a multi-dimensional look that I really enjoyed. I would really love to see a combination of orange (duh), yellow, and pink hair chalk! I thought both the Party Pink and Iris shades were very pretty. I didn’t care for the silver shade, because I don’t see myself trying to make my hair look gray…I already have enough on my own! You can “seal” them by flat ironing them, or using a hair spray. I opted for the hair spray option because it is less damaging, and I knew my flat iron would turn into a colorful mess!

How To Use Hair Chalk- TINT by Fine Featherheads (Party Pink, Silver Lining, Iris) Review Tutorial (2)

I found that this lasted throughout the day and didn’t transfer or stain my clothes at all. To remove, simply wash your hair in the shower and it will all come out! These TINTS are truly temporary hair color for the non-committal. They are a bit pricy at $19.95, but you will get 2-4 uses out of them. I think using these hair chalks for special occasions such as school events or dances, parties & music festivals would be a great use, but it’s not something I’d use every day!

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