My Tips on How to Have it All!

Tips on How To Have It All by Olivia Frescura

Today I’m going to be talking about a more personal topic…how to have it all in life! Essentially, when I think of “having it all,” I think of the work, family, friends, and love balance. While I don’t have too much of that going on, I have a few tips on how to stay organized and have time for everything! It’s important to maintain a work/personal life balance to stay productive and have an overall happy life. This post is sponsored by Style Network to announce the premiere of Tia & Tamera on July 14th. Be sure to tune in to see how these ladies have it all and stay sane while doing it!

To Do List

1. Lists Are Your Best Friend

Keeping lists are proven to help memory. The act of physically writing something down in a to do list definitely helps keep track of what you have to do, and reminds you to do it! I love writing down lists. Purchase post-it notes, notepads, and planners to help you make your lists. You can have a huge list or separate lists for work, personal, and more- it will help you stay organized!

2. Schedule Time To Have Fun

Even if you have a lot of work on your plate, make a point to do something fun at least once a week. Whether it’s going on a date, having a girls night, or something as simple as getting your nails done or seeing a movie, taking a break is essential! Remembering to relax is important, because it will stress you out more if you don’t allow yourself some fun time in between “jobs.”

3. Focus on Both Short & Long Term Goals

I think goals are very important to anyone- you have to know what you want in life to be able to get there! Utilize both short and long term goals to motivate you to work hard. My short term goals are getting a job and posting videos twice weekly. My longer term goals are working in New York City, and eventually, getting a designer bag. Goals can be serious or fun! Working towards a goal will help you stay focused on what you want, instead of getting distracted. It’s also great motivation to work harder!

4. Don’t Get Let Down When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Even when you seemingly do everything right, something will go wrong. Don’t let these little things defeat you or distract you from your goals! It’s important to not let things get to you, just keep the bigger picture in mind!

Reminders iPhone

5. Set Deadlines & Reminders

It’s important to stick to a deadline in order to stay productive. I like using reminders on my phone to help me stick to my deadlines. You can also use a calendar system to organize your schedule with your deadlines and reminders, to keep you on track.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you guys…and let me know if you’re interested in more personal posts! And don’t forget to check out Tia & Tamera on Style on July 14th!

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  • betzy

    Set deadlines is something I also need to work on

    • Olivia Frescura

      Wish you luck with that!

  • Brooke

    Excellent tips! I am looking forward to the Tia and Tamera show this season, too.

    • Olivia Frescura

      Thank you!