Just Extensions and Sexy Hair Event Recap & Photos

Just Extensions Extension Bar Los Angeles
Los Angeles’ First Hair Extension Bar, Just Extensions!

Last night I headed to LA’s first hair extensions-only bar, Just Extensions, for a soiree hosted by Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis, Jamie Stone. I was excited to check out the space, meet new friends, and learn all about Sexy Hair’s products that are a perfect for extension maintenance. The interior is beautiful! It reminds me of Drybar.

Sexy Hair Stylist Laura Hickenboth
Sexy Hair Stylist Laura Hickenboth

Stylist Laura Hickenboth told us all about the various types of extensions, and then showed us all of Sexy Hair’s products that work perfectly for maintaining and styling  hair, including extensions! She has clip in extensions, don’t they match her hair perfectly?

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Event Models and Owner Riqua Hailes
Hair Models with Just Extensions owner Riqua Hailes

There were 3 fab models displaying 3 of the extension techniques that JE offers! I didn’t know there were that many options!

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Event Just Pretty Partial Braided Sew In Model
“Just Pretty”- Partial Braided Sew In Extensions

First we have the “Just Pretty,” which is a partial braided sew in extension. These can last for up to 2 months, and are a safe option because there are no glues, waxes, or clips applied to the hair, it is sewn into a braid with a needle and nylon thread. It also promotes hair growth!

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Event Just Beautiful Model One Step Weft
“Just Beautiful” – 1 Step Weft

The “Just Beautiful,” is a bit hard to see, but it is similar to what we just saw, but a braidless extension option. This extension is attached using beads, and then sewing a weft of hair on top.

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Event Just Gorgeous Micro Bead & Keratin Links Model
“Just Gorgeous” – Micro Bead & Keratin Links

The “Just Gorgeous,” has two different types of techniques. On the left, micro beads are used to crimp extension into the hair. If you used to have a feather extension (don’t be ashamed, I had one too!), this is the same technique as that! This one can last up to 4 months and doesn’t include any type of glues or bonders, it’s simply crimped with the bead. On the right, we have keratin tips, which are done with wax and bonded with heat. These ones need to be professionally removed, though, but it is the fastest and simplest extension technique.

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Gift Bag
Sexy Hair

We went home with a gift bag chock-full of Sexy Hair products that stylist Lauren recommends for extensions, although they will work great on regular hair as well! I can’t wait to try everything! Beauty blogger perks…once one runs out of shampoo, a new one (or three) appears in a gift bag!

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Event Sydne Summer Jamie Stone Leah Ashley Olivia Frescura
Sydne Summer, Host Jamie Stone, Leah Ashley, and moi

I chatted with Sydne from Sydne Style, host Jamie, and Leah (and Mary, not pictured) from A Fab Life in front of the closet of hair extensions- you can also buy hair by itself at Just Extensions. Jamie was wearing some clip in extensions that I thought were her real hair because they were that good of a match!

Just Extensions Sexy Hair Event Lisa Filipelli, Kristen Turner Glitter N Glue, Olivia Frescura, Leah Ashley Fab Life
Lisa, Kristen Turner, myself, and Leah Ashley

Another photo op before we headed out to dinner… This time with the addition of Lisa from Big Frame, and Kristen from Glitter ‘N Glue! My next goal is to work on my poses…

Thanks to Jamie, Just Extensions, Sexy Hair, & Pivotal PR for a fab event!

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