My New Hair! (Color by Sherry Ratay)

Today I wanted to show you my new hair! It’s kind of funny because my last video was how I curled my long hair, and now I cut half of it off. The reason I cut my hair was because I wasn’t doing anything good with it, it was boring and in a bun half of the time. I think a lot of people, myself included, just have long hair to have long hair. Also, since spring is coming (and quicker in California), this shorter do will keep me a lot cooler in the coming months! In the video I talk a little bit about my inspiration, show a before and after photo, and more…so make sure to watch it!

I had the awesome opportunity to get my hair colored by Sherry Ratay, who is an Orlando-based colorist who comes out to Beverly Hills’ Gavert Atelier salon to do fabulous people’s hair. For example, Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars was right after me! I never color my hair (except in middle school I got highlights), so I wanted something subtle so I didn’t have to come in and maintain it often. Sherry gave me some caramel pieces using Minardi‘s Goldilocks. She told me she used a particular technique called American Baliage, which gives a very natural look and is only on the bottom half of the hair.  It’s not quite ombre, though!

I’m really loving finding new ways to style my hair…so if you want some videos on that please let me know!

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