DHC Kakonjuka Skincare Collection Review

DHC Kakonjuka Skincare Collection Lotion,Essence,Cream
DHC Kakonjuka Lotion,Essence,Cream

Yesterday DHC launched their Kakonjuka collection, a line that is composed of Japanese and Korean botanicals to soothe, hydrate, and fight fine lines. This 3-piece collection includes a lotion, essence, and cream that are intended to be used together to fight aging and dry skin. These products contain Maitake mushroom, Platycara strobilacea, Licorice leaf, Great burnet, Purslane and Reishi mushroom to help hydrate and prevent aging.

DHC Kakonjuka Skincare Collection Lotion,Essence,Cream (2)
Kakonjuka products

The Kakonjuka Lotion is a hydrating toner that is intended to be used after washing your face. The Kakonjuka Essence is a rich, milky booster that is similar to a serum in my eyes. The last product, Kakonjuka Cream is a fine-line fighting moisturizer. Each of these products retail for $32 each, or as a set for $79.

DHC Kakonjuka Lotion
DHC Kakonjuka Lotion

The Kakonjuka Lotion is a nice gel toner that works well to prep the skin for the other products. All of these products have no added colorants or fragrance, so it’s all natural color, a brown, is kind of hard to get used to. It’s also hard to tell if it’s removing any extra grime from my face! It does the job, but wasn’t a standout for me.

DHC Kakonjuka Essence
DHC Kakonjuka Essence

The Kakonjuka Essence is a creamy serum that is applied after the lotion. It kind of looks like a foundation when you pump it out, because it does have the natural brown color. I find that it just moisturizes my skin and not much more.

DHC Kakonjuka Cream
DHC Kakonjuka Cream

And lastly, the Kakonjuka Cream is a perfect nightly moisturizer to use on any skin type. I find that using it in the day would be too much for my oily skin, but at night it’s perfect because I wake up with ultra-smooth skin. I’d say that this product was the winner for me, because it did the job well. The other products are great too, but this is the one I saw the most difference with. But, when using all of the products together you will wake up with super smooth skin.

DHC Kakonjuka Cream (2)
DHC Kakonjuka Cream

Again, this product is a natural grey-brown color, which is kind of strange and hard to get past. All of the products smell a little strange too because there is no added fragrance, which is actually a good thing,  because fragrance is known to cause breakouts in skincare products. If you can get past that, you will love what these products do for your skin. I will say that I find myself avoiding these products if I don’t feel like dealing with the smell! I’d recommend these to mainly people with dry skin that are looking for anti-aging, but it works for my 20 year old oily skin as well, just when used at night.

Find the Kakonjuka line starting March 1st online!

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