How I Curl my Hair With Cortex’s 4-in-1 Curling Wand

Cortex 4 n One Curling Iron Set
Cortex 4 n One Curling Iron Set

For Christmas I got this awesome Cortex curling iron set, and I love it. It’s a curling wand that has 4 different sizes that you can use, so it saves so much space! It can give you any curls you want…from Shirley Temple ringlets to Victoria’s Secret bombshell curls! This was purchased for $70 on Amazon, but there are other places you can get it for different prices! Check out how I curl my hair with this iron, using the second largest barrel, the 1 1/4 inch.

Right now I’m using my Joico products to curl my hair and I’m liking it. I will have individual reviews of the products after I’ve used them longer!

The products I’m using in this video are the Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, Humidity Blocker, and Power Spray Fast Dry Finishing Spray.

Cortex 4 n One Curling Iron Set (2)
Curling Wands

I typically use the 2 largest sizes because I like looser curls, not ringlets. But, I will experiment with the smaller ones eventually! I don’t curl my hair as often as I’d like to, just because I have so much hair (it takes FOREVER). My hair doesn’t keep curls too well, so it will last me less than 24 hours. I will be cutting my hair soon so hopefully I can curl my hair better!

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