Introducing Marlay Drive!

Marlay Drive
Marlay Drive

If any of you are like me and love to watch tons of videos about beauty, I have a new place for you! Marlay Drive is a new place for you to learn everything beauty in one place. They have different experts for nails, hair, and makeup who each have their own YouTube channels and produce videos weekly. The thing that I love about their videos is that they are extremely high quality and edited very well, which is something I would love to replicate in my own videos. They have a studio in L.A. where they film, which is awesome. Their website is a place to find all of their new videos, along with the upcoming episodes air dates (which you won’t typically find anywhere else). I think one of my favorites to watch is Lynette, who does nails. Here is one of her videos:

Check them out and tell them I sent you!

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