Jessica Nails Alexis/Ruby Empress (It’s a Girl Thing) Review/Swatch

Jessica Nails It's a Girl Thing Alexis Ruby Empress Swatch (2)
Alexis/Ruby Empress swatch

After wearing Ava from Jessica’s It’s a Girl Thing collection, I decided to try on the red: Alexis/Ruby Empress. I’m not huge on red polish, but it’s a popular color because red is flattering on pretty much everyone’s nails. This one I only used one coat for, which was amazing. The pink shimmer in this is so subtle, I could only see it in certain lights. I only wore it for 2 days, but within that time it remained chip and wear free. I’m impressed! Even though I may not reach for reds often, this one I can rely on.

You can purchase this nail polishes online for $7.50, but I haven’t seen the collection go live yet! It launched at the end of January.