IMATS Wishlist 2013

I’m excited to be attending IMATS for the 5th time on January 19th and 20th in Los Angeles, so I’m making a general wishlist so I stay on track! I’d love to meet some of you guys there, so let me know if you’re attending, and say hi if you see me!

To see the IMATS exhibitors, click here.

Bdellium Tools: I love bdellium brushes so I definitely want to check their booth out. If I get anything, it’d probably be this powder brush and this duo fiber blending brush!

INGLOT: I’ve been obsessed with my 2 matte eyeshadows by INGLOT so I definitely want to find more at IMATS. I want all neutral shades, ivories, taupes, and browns! I also really like an orange lipstick I have from them, so I definitely want to find a few more shades I’d like (probably berry oxblood shades!)

Sigma Beauty: I have a few of their brushes and their Sigmax bristles are definitely the best. I have wanted their synthetic kabuki kit for SO long, hopefully I can finally get it!


Such a short list! I have so much, so I don’t need much more. I’m also on the hunt for a large powder brush, and maybe a few angled blush brushes if I feel like it. I usually end up shopping at other stores in the area while we’re there, so I won’t be short on makeup! I definitely need to find a powder highlighter that I like. I’m going to stalk Sephora & The MAC store (and pro booth at IMATS) that weekend! What do you want to pick up at IMATS?

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