Proactiv Makeup Cleansing Wipes Review

I’ve gotten a few packs of these babies in various goodie bags at events and I really like them. The wipes are super saturated and I haven’t had an issue of them drying out like I do with other wipes. The only bad thing about these are that they are kind of small! I feel like I need 2 to take off my eye and face makeup. They come with 45 wipes, which is a great amount. I think they’re a little expensive ($15 online), but if you have acne these can be great for you because they don’t make my skin feel greasy at all, my face feels cleansed! Definitely check them out!

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  • andalittlecreamsoda

    Proactiv has cleansing wipes now?!! Wow. I tried out Proactiv years ago, I wasn't a fan of it cause it didn't do much for me (I have cystic acne). I think this is a good idea though. Especially for after work driving home when I want to wipe all the the caked on makeup off my face. lol

    • oliviafrescura

      Yes, they're great! I haven't found that Proactiv's 3-step system works for me (it made my sisters face so red)- but I love their Refining Mask. I have a few products but they're not as awesome as the mask or wipes.