Fragrance Friday: Tone Body Wash in Fruit Peel

Tone Body Wash Fruit Peel

At BeautyCon, we were introduced to Tone and their body washes. You may be thinking “a body wash? Really?”-and honestly I thought that too. I mean, who really cares what body wash they use? I just use whatever is at the drugstore, honestly…it’s not one of the products I splurge on or have a desired brand. So, I was glad to get a free body wash to try just for fun…and I ended up loving it! Tone’s Fruit Peel body wash has the most amazing scent. To me, it just smells like pineapple, one of my favorite fruits. Each of their body washes have a different scent and purpose. Fruit Peel is a sparkling fruit scent with Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids, so it’s scent matches what it does! I was really impressed with this body wash because it cleans nicely without leaving my skin feeling “squeaky” clean (which I consider dry/tight feeling when I rinse). These body washes (I’ve tried another one after this one) are perfect to clean your skin without feeling grossly dry or even over-moisturized. But, ultimately I just love the scent…I’m easy to please!

Let me know in the comments, do you splurge on body washes or are you like me?