BonBliss Solid Body Scrub Review (Scrub 2 Go, Body Truffles)

BonBliss is an adorable brand that specializes in solid body scrubs. Their 2 products are their Scrub 2 Go, which can be used while washing your hands on the go, and their Body Truffles, which are single use body scrubs to use in the shower. I was given the Scrub 2 Go ($9.95) in the scent Sweet Satsuma, and the Body Truffle ($3) in Mango Sorbet. I think these are an adorable product, what a great idea! I love the Sweet Satsuma scent, as it is similar to orange blossom, my current fragrance obsession. I like the Mango Sorbet scent as well, but not as much! Their scrubs are great. Just pinch the little cube to form it into a paste while washing hands, or use the truffle to exfoliate your skin. These scrubs are packed with moisturizing butters, which can leave an oily film on the skin if you do not rinse properly, but these moisturize the skin really well…my hands are baby soft!

**This post contains products that I have received for free– for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

Give your Facebook profile a Warhol makeover courtesy of NARS!

If you haven’t been able to purchase any of NARS’ new Warhol inspired collection, just give your Facebook profile a makeover! Just head on over to NARS’ profile and click the makeover button. Then, pick a few pictures to use, and it will generate a custom cover photo and profile photo. I chose to do the profile photo because it went along with the cover photo so well, I’m my own little compact! I saved the photos and uploaded them to my Facebook fan page so I could use it there too!

And while you’re there, maybe head on over and like my Facebook page? Send me pics of your makeovers!

Wishlist Wednesday: What’s on my Christmas List?

Wishlist Wednesday is back! For now…I mean, who can resist doing a Christmas wishlist? I just randomly put together a little collection of things that I’d love to receive this year. I know I’d use all of these items a lot, so I know it’s worth it. Of course I’d hoard all of the LUSH Holiday items and random makeup, but do I NEED it? Not so much ;). As it’s still a little early, it may need some tweaking…but I love everything on this list.

Comfy Pajamas from Old Navy, only $12! Is it weird to want Christmas pajamas for Christmas?

 Blue Yeti Microphone from Amazon, around $90- I hear this is a great voice over microphone. I’d use this for my YouTube videos of course! I don’t know if my Rock Band microphone is working out… 😉

Neroli Clementine Candle from MOR Cosmetics, actually only $18- I got that wrong! I love this scent so much, I’m obsessed with neroli and orange blossom scents right now…

Macaron Trinket Boxes from Urban Outfitters, $10 each- yikes! I want the orange one of course…I think this would be perfect for my elastics for my Invisalign!

Podujeve boots from ALDO, $120- I love the style of this boot, and I have been on a boot kick lately! (pun intended)

Brixton Grace Port infinity scarf from Zappos, $30- I love oxblood and have been hunting for a scarf like this!

Lulu Cable Knit infinity scarf from Nordstrom, $22- I love Nordstrom and I’ve been wanting more scarves- the 2 I have are wearing out! Infinity scarves are my must have.

As for other things that I’d love to receive but I’m not asking for necessarily? A curling iron (love this Cortex one), and the Macbook pro that I’ve failed at saving at (thanks to student loans!)

What’s on your holiday list?

Ulta Deep Desire Nail Polish Swatches

Deep burgundy nail polishes are perfect for the fall and winter, but you don’t have to pay a ton to get a great color. ULTA has a great range of Salon Formula Nail Lacquer that retails for just $1.99, and is a great polish! I’m wearing it with L’Oreal’s new Nail Lingerie, that I will be reviewing in a different post. This color really impressed me. Besides being a gorgeous color, it applied well in just 2 coats and lasted a whole week with minor chips. This bottle is actually pretty old (they have even changed the packaging), but it wasn’t goopy at all! Color me impressed!

It did stain my nails just a little bit, as do most dark vampy colors, but I am absolutely loving it. There is truth that you can get a great product at an affordable price. Yay!

Youngblood On The Go Beauty Kit

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics came up with the perfect little set for holiday gifts for friends, family, or even yourself! The On The Go Beauty Kit retails for $25.50 and includes 6 Youngblood samples in a chic oxblood ostrich print makeup bag. This kit comes in Light, Medium, and Dark, so everyone’s skin can be accommodated!

The kit includes their Mineral Primer, Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream, Liquid Foundation, and Moisture Tint (face, illuminating, and body). I thought I would post a quick review on each of these items for you all to see if you’d like to purchase it!

Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint in Natural

The Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint is a lightweight tinted moisturizer in the shade “Natural,” which is a medium toned yellow shade. I liked this product but I found that it was much too dark and yellow for me, and almost turned orange. I think if they made a light yellow shade I would like it more! The full size of this product retails for $43.

Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint (Illuminating) in Golden Sun

The Illuminating Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint in Golden Sun is a product that can be used anywhere for a luminous finish. I think I got a dud of this because it came out as liquid for the first half of the sample, so if you purchase it I would recommend you to shake it for a while before using it. This product also retails for $43, but I don’t think it was worth it for me because I do not like dark luminizers, I prefer light shimmer beige ones.

Mineral Primer

The Mineral Primer is by far one of my favorite Youngblood products. This primer has a silky smooth finish that leaves skin matte. This primer is a little pricy at $41, but at least it works great!

Mineral Illuminating Tint (Body)

The Mineral Illuminating Tint for Body is a soft bronze tint to give yourself a luminous tan during any season, without the commitment! I really don’t care to look shimmery or tan on my body, personally, but I think anyone that loves a glow can use it alone or mix it with some body lotion if you’re afraid of color like me. This product is $37.50 at it’s full size.

Liquid Mineral Foundation in Sand

The Liquid Mineral Foundation is definitely my preferred foundation from this kit. The shade “Sand,” is a little bit darker than my skin tone, but they do have another shade that is lighter. It has a yellow tone which is perfect for my skintone. This foundation makes my skin flawless and lasts a long time without being oily. I think it’s a great product. The full size is $47.

Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream

The Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream is probably my favorite product from this kit. It’s chock full of antioxidants, peptides, and caffeine to give your eyes a lift. I ADORE the smell of this product, it smells exactly like yellow lemon Starbursts candies! The full size is $58, which is crazy for me, but the fact that it is natural and vegan is a great bonus.

Overall, this kit is full of great samples for anyone in your life. If you know someone looking to try new brands, even those looking for vegan and cruelty free products, this is a great place to start!

**This post contains products that I have received for free– for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**