Grand Central Beauty SMART Mask Review

Grand Central Beauty SMART Mask

While I was at HBA Expo I was introduced to Grand Central Beauty and their unique face mask. It’s a really cool mask that you mix yourself, and as it dries, it peels off with a unique texture. I really like the mask and felt like it really brightened my skin. I like that you mix the mask yourself because I know it’ll remain fresh and the ingredients are at their highest potency! The mask retails for $75 for 4 uses (once a week you make the mask), so if you can afford that, I’d definitely recommend you to check them out. They also sample through Beauty Army, so if you subscribe, choose them as a sample if it pops up!

Mask as it is drying

When the mask is dries after 15 minutes, the edges will be dry and white so you can peel it off!

My skin after using GCB’s SMART Mask

The mask is easy to remove, but the drier white parts like to stick everywhere (as you can see in the photo), so be wary while applying. I feel like my skin looked more even and bright, with just a tad bit of redness because my skin gets pretty red.

Here is the process of making the mask, if you are interested in seeing it!