Essie No Place Like Chrome (Mirror Metallics) Swatch

No Place Like Chrome Swatch

Essie recently came out with a line of metallic shades, and after trying Penny Talk from the line, I knew I wanted to try more! My mom got me this along with the gold, which you’ll see in the future. I am really impressed with how metallic these are, and not as streaky as others. The key is varying thin and thick coats.

No Place Like Chrome (flash)

I also used this shade in my Olympic manicure! It’s a great chrome silver, if you’re looking for one- I’d definitely check this line out. Has anyone tried any other colors in this line?

Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo Review

Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

Since my birthday was just over a week ago, I received my Sephora gift, which I was so excited for! Previous gifts have been a mini Sephora eyeliner and shadow duo (nice but not my colors), and the past 2 years have been Philosophy’s birthday cake shower gel, which I hated because mine always smelled plasticy and expired. I’m glad Sephora finally decided to step it up to these adorable lip balms from Fresh. I’ve heard time after time how awesome their lip treatment balms are, so I was excited to finally try them out without paying anything.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment & Rose Lip Treatment

First off, the packaging is awesome. It’s just like a mini version of their regular ones, so they don’t skimp there! It even screws on so your chapstick doesn’t open and ruin your purse! These smell amazing, like sugary lemon. They are the same product, but the rose one is tinted pink, obviously! I think the balms are very moisturizing and feel very heavy (in a good way) on the lips. The only problem for me was how soft they were. I had a problem with them smooshing and breaking in the tube, causing a big mess. I also wouldn’t recommend them for purses in the summer, because they melt very easily. I don’t know if the full size version have the same problem, so I’m not sure if I’d recommend them!

Wishlist Wednesday: Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in “Birdie”

Ruby Wing is a new line of polishes that the same manufacturers of Color Club are launching. It’s a polish that changes color in the sun, and they have some really unique colors that I am lusting after. I love Birdie the most, so cool! I’m definitely looking forward to hopefully trying these out at  some point to show on this blog! What’s your favorite color they have?

Tangerine Tuesday #13: Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish in Spectacle

Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish in Spectacle Swatch

Circus nail polishes are a new line coming out from YouTube’s andreaschoice. I received this color, spectacle, in my August MyGlam Bag and I love it! It’s an awesome neon orange that is very opaque. This is 2 coats, but if you are great at painting your nails you can get away with 1. I’m not sure how much these polishes are retailing for, since they aren’t launched yet, but they are really nice!

I’m loving this color! Last month I received their white shade, which is called Reverso, which I blogged about here. Did anyone else get this polish? What do you think? I’m a fan!

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed

Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed

Revolution Organics was a brand I was completely unaware of until I had the opportunity to try their product (crazy, huh?!). The idea behind this is that it is a multi-use balm to use on your cheeks and lips (other colors can be used on eyes and body too!). It’s a big chubby chapstick-like packaging which is pretty cool. The color I got is in “Blushed,” which is a medium toned pink. I like to use this as a base for powder blushes if I’m wearing pink blush for the day!

Blushed Swatch

This Freedom Glow Beauty Balm retails for $34, which is a little steep in my opinion…I know I wouldn’t pay that much for it! If they had an orange, you never know, though! 😉

Blushed Lip Swatch

It looks nice and pigmented on the lips, but I wouldn’t wear it on a regular basis since I’m usually wearing orange lipstick, obviously! It’s also similar to Revlon’s Lollipop lip butter in my opinion. It’s a nice product, but I definitely don’t think people should pay that much for what it is!

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