Wishlist Wednesday: Tangerine Edition

Today’s Wishlist Wednesday is inspired about the new series I just started called Tangerine Tuesday, since I love everything orange lately. What better to celebrate an orange series with a bunch of orange things on my wishlist? Sounds good to me!


1. ALDO Brendle in Orange, $29.99 (reg. $60.00)

2. Essie “Fear or Desire” Nail Polish, $8

3. Prada Candy Eau de Parfum ($80-$108)

4. Kate Spade “Cobble Hill Lacey” Wallet in “Creamsicle,” $198

5. ASOS Curve Exclusive Lace Dress in Orange, $60.88 (ACTUALLY just picked this up online on memorial day, since they had 25% off)

6. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in “No. 8- Orange de Chine,” $32


A few of these items are definitely attainable, but some of them are just poor college graduate pipe dreams. ONE DAY! Let me know what’s on your orange-inspired wishlist!

Tangerine Tuesday #1: Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of The Year Lipstick in Tangerine Tango

I’m starting a new series, yay! This one is very fitting for me, because you know I love ORANGE! Also, since Pantone‘s color of the year is Tangerine Tango, it’s a trendy little color. I don’t discriminate on shades: from coral to carrot, it’s all orange! I’ll be posting anything orange: from beauty, to clothing, to purses, to food. I have been obsessed with Pinterest lately, so I’ve been finding a lot of fun stuff! I will try to do every Tuesday, but of course, things happen!

Sephora + Pantone Universe collaborated on some amazing packaging!

For my first Tangerine Tuesday I thought it would be clever to post my swatches of Sephora + Pantone’s Color of The Year Lipstick in Tangerine Tango. Unfortunately, this is the only piece from this collection that I picked up, but I still love all of the other products– they look awesome. Actually, one of my instructors at FIDM worked on this line, which was cool to hear about. They will be launching collections throughout the year that suit seasons and different color palettes!

I love the sleekness of the lipstick tube!

This lipstick, a seemingly whopping $18- has a lot of added fancy features that a beauty junkie like me would adore. The packaging is so sturdy and very cool. I’m keeping it because I love it so much. To some it may be wasteful, though. The actual lipstick tube itself is a very heavy-feeling metal. The lipstick closes magnetically!  This was my first magnetized lipstick, and I’ve gotta say- it’s cool!

What the package looks like, opened!
Sephora + Pantone Universe Tangerine Tango Cream Lipstick

The lipstick itself is a pretty shade of tangerine-coral. It’s not as orange as I like my oranges, but I still love the novelty of it. I love the custom and different molding they used for the lipstick bullet-I wonder what their inspiration was for that. Regardless, it’s a beautiful lipstick.

Close up of the lipstick’s cool design!

I find that this lipstick is meant to be a hydrating and sheer formula, which it is. The sheerness of it makes it wearable for all occasions and all types of people. I swatched it on my hand to show the sheerness of it, but it is buildable. I think my swatch may be a tad-bit darker than what it really looks like. No lip swatch for this one, maybe I’ll do one in the future. I don’t like to do many lip swatches, but I’m feeling that it is necessary to show the real swatches of products. Anyways, not I’m turning into a rambly blogger.

Tangerine Tango Cream Swatched (heavily on the left, one swipe on the right)

If you want to pick this lipstick up, find it online or in Sephora stores for $18. It’s currently sold out online, but Sephora always restocks!

What do you think of this beauty? I approve!

Things I Love #3: Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium (Swatches)

Garnier was smart enough to be one of the first drugstore brands to come out with a BB Cream-and I just had to try it! BB Creams are a phenomenon in Asia, and now women in the U.S. are bonkers for them! BB stands for beauty or blemish balm, combining numerous skincare ingredients to not only make the skin look good on the outside, but help to heal it. Of course, purchasing a more expensive brand may have higher quality ingredients and results, but I love the idea that anyone  can afford to get their hands on a BB Cream, at the drugstore or prestige level.

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream (Back Of Bottle)

The back of the bottle doesn’t have ingredients, which was weird, so I found them online for you.

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Ingredients

A lot of these ingredients I do not recognize, but you can look them up online for their purposes. Essentially, there are skin conditioners, fragrance, and colorants- just different types. Also, remember when reading ingredient lists that the ingredients are listed from highest percentage, to lowest percentage.

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream (Light/Medium) Swatch

I find this BB cream to work great for my foundation routine! I find it a touch too pink-toned for my skin, but I just blend it along my jaw. I wish they had a bigger color selection for ladies of all skin tones, too! It is a very thick consistency, but not cakey, which I LOVE. This baby feels ultra-light on my skintone, similar to a tinted moisturizer, but with more coverage. I am so glad I don’t have to rock a full face of foundation now in this heat! It goes on quite dewy, but that’s nothing a little powder can’t get rid of!

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream (Light/Medium) Swatch- Blended

You can find Garnier’s BB cream for around $12.99 at many drugstores and mass-retailers.

Hope that my mini-review helped you ladies out! This is becoming my summer staple!

What to Wear to a Fashion School Graduation (FIDM)

I don’t blog about school too much, but I am graduating from FIDM next month and I am lost as to what to wear. You may be wondering “you went to fashion school…why don’t you know what to wear?” I am getting my degree in Beauty, so I have always been slightly intimidated by fashion- even more so because I am plus sized. I only have about 3 weeks until graduation, so I am slightly freaking out.

What I’m Looking for:

I want to look summery, fashionable, and figure-conscious. My favorite color is orange right now, so I’d love to incorporate that into my outfit. We have to wear long(ish) black caps and gowns that are so disgusting, but at least we get to decorate them. I want a dress that is about knee-length, but not a maxi dress because I don’t really want it to show awkwardly under the gown. I decided to buy my graduation dress from ASOS because they provide fashionable pieces at decent prices.

Throwback: High School Graduation (June 2010) Dress from ASOS (Wait am I wearing neon nail polish? You go, 17 year old me!)

I also wore an ASOS dress to my high school graduation, nearly two years ago, and I loved it. Did your HS make you wear white/cream dresses under your white gowns too? So not flattering!


My ASOS Plus Sized Summer Graduation Dress Picks

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Lace Dress

I love this dress because it’s orange of course. I like the length and silhouette. I feel like I can wear this dressed up or down, which I like.

ASOS CURVE Midi Summer Dress

I love the length, and the color. It’s not orange, but I think it would look great with an orange lip since blue and orange are complementary colors! The yellow color is cheaper, but I’ve never worn a yellow dress so it would make me kind of nervous!

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Body-Conscious Tank Dress

I’m including this because I may get it for events and such, because it is cheap and adorable. Why must it only come in black?!

ASOS CURVE Dress With Ribbon Trim

I think I need this dress. I am only worried about the neckline, because as a large-chested girl, sometimes higher necklines make my boobs look weird. I think I may add it to my wish list anyway just because it is so cute for spring and summer.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Dress With Peplum

I don’t know how this dress would look on me, so I’m worried. Is it too casual because of the jersey? I’ve never had a peplum dress so I’m worried it will make me look larger as well. The color is cute also.

The Verdict:

To be honest, I think I may need to order all of these dresses, because I need more dresses for my post-graduation New York Beauty Study Tour with FIDM. But, I would love to get your opinions on these dresses- and please give me any accessory or shoe (pref. wedges or flats) recommendations!


Also, post what you would wear! I think that would be fun :)