New Bath and Body Works Honeylicious Lip Balms!

Honeylicious Lip Balms

Yay! A new Bath and Body Works product! I haven’t tried their Liplicious lip gloss line, because I don’t really like lip gloss too much, but this, I can definitely see myself trying out. I am a lip balm FIEND. I definitely want to see how these are scented in store, but they look promising! These products do have honey in them, so their claims are true. These retail at a steep $8.00 each, but if you buy 2, you get one free, leaving it at around $5.33 each. I still think that is a pretty steep price, but with all of the deals at Bath and Body Works, you are bound to make up for that in savings. There are currently 3 flavors/scents: Honey Strawberry, Honey VanillaHoney Apple, and Honey Blueberry (not online). I look forward to trying these out! How about you?


  • Emily

    There is also a honey blueberry. I work there and the blueberry one is my favorite:)

    • oliviafrescura

      Oh awesome! That one isn't online though so I missed it! That one sounds yummy. I am gonna update the post now!