Update and ATTENTION all Google Followers!

Hey everyone, I miss you! I have just finished my fall quarter at school and have just not had the time to post (aka I wish Weebly didn’t suck and would let me do timed posts!)- So I just wanted to do a quick post with what I’ve been up to, and an important piece of info at the end for those of you who follow via Google Friend Connect!

Christmas is coming, and I’ve been making some awesome homemade gifts for my friends. Here’s my first video showing you how to make scented bath salts!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsBtOFXgUqE]

I will be trying to update my nail polish posts during my break, because although I haven’t posted, I’ve still been taking photos of my nails! I tihnk I have 2 or 3 to share. I will try to do a holiday one as well! Another goal for my break is to finish moving my blog to WordPress.

Attention all Google Followers!

Google Friend Connect has been great to measure how many followers I have on this blog in the past, but Google has announced that they are taking away this feature to all blogs that are not hosted on Blogger in March of 2012. But, you can still view my blog if you subscribe to my RSS Feed to the left and click “add to Google Reader.” I hope all of you do that so you can continue to read my blog after March! This is quite a bummer, but soon enough I will just have to remove that friend connect widget all together and only keep the RSS Feed. Again, thanks for sticking with me through my unplanned hiatus with me and I hope you all plan to switch to my RSS feed so you can continue to receive my posts!