AQUIESSE Candle Travel Tin Review: Luxe Linen & Sandalwood Vanille

AQUIESSE Travel Candle Tins

Hello everyone! I have a really exciting home fragrance line to share with you all today, called AQUIESSE! I love fragrance, especially home fragrance, because, scents can bring back memories. For example, the scent of lilac reminds me of when I lived in Pennsylvania, because we had a massive bush of it, and the smell was INTOXICATING when in bloom!) Fragrances can also have a healing quality (that’s Aromatherapy!)

AQUIESSE Travel Candle Tins

The candles are supposedly made with “the purest” soy wax, and although some of you may be skeptical, believe it! These have the cleanest burn I’ve ever seen. I received two travel candle tins in Sandalwood Vanille and Luxe Linen, which are from AQUIESSE’s Portfolio Collection. The collection is inspired by the “rich, coastal regions of Central California.”

Sandalwood Vanille contains bergamot, lavender; white vanilla fleur, sandalwood, and musk. To me, this one is exactly like it sounds. This candle is a good balance of sweet and sexy without being over the top on either side of the spectrum.

Luxe Linen is described as a fresh, relaxing scent infused with warm linen, herbal tea, and smooth sandalwood. I think it smells like cozy fabric softener and then the tea gives it some warmth.  It makes me think of snuggling up to a good book with some tea and a warm blanket, fresh out of the dryer.

The travel tins themselves are 2 ounces, are made of metal, and include a twist on lid. The entire candle has an average burning time of 20+ hours and retail for $5. I do not burn my candles, I prefer to use a candle warmer ($5 at Michaels!), because I feel that it keeps the scent pure (not sooty), as well as prolonging candle life. (Okay and I also am kind of afraid of fire…..but that’s a secret…..shhh!!) You should burn these for around 3-4 hours at a time (although once I did it for 5 and it was no biggie). I’d say the shorter amount of time the better, because the metal gets pretty hot, so don’t touch it! (I did…but I wasn’t smart enough to actually read the caution label…so here I am warning you!)


-Affordable price for a high quality product: it’s kind of like getting a small taste of luxury!

-Melts extremely fast and cleanly! I was very impressed by this: it means that there are very high quality ingredients and oils (and I think the metal container helps too!) It took about 20 minutes for it to go from solid to complete liquid, impressive!

-AQUIESSE uses organic and renewable resources, as well as essential oils whenever possible.

-Great scent throw (relative to size): Although our noses get used to scents after a couple of sniffs, I noticed whenever I would leave my room and close the door, as I re-entered I was engulfed in relaxing scent. Don’t let your fragrance “escape!” Make sure windows are closed, and small areas are best for these small candles. In fact, I tried these candles out for about 1 week and planned on doing a bad review…Then, I realized that my 2 bedroom windows were open and then it hit me. After I followed those steps, I had a great experience with the candles and will continue to use them.

-Unisex fragrances: Not too feminine or too masculine. I had Sandalwood Vanille (link to page) melting in my apartment while we had some guy friends over, and the scent was the first thing they noticed!

-Well Balanced fragrances: I think these candles are simple, and smell just how the descriptions are written. No surprises here!

-Twist on caps are great for “sealing in” the scent, and, the obvious choice, traveling! (not too sure I would travel with candles though..)


-The metal container gets pretty hot (there is a warning on the bottom, but I never thought twice about it!).

-AQUIESSE does not operate their own online stores, but you can purchase AQUIESSE from Candle Delirium or Candle Luxury.

Their website is just a page with a phone number on it. I think it should be more interactive (i.e. link to resellers, social networks, etc.) so people can get to know how great they are!

Overall, I can definitely see myself trying some more scents (okay, maybe like all of them). I think the best thing they offer is those travel tins, because they are a great value, but can also act as a cheap “sample” of a fragrance for those of us who like to try almost every candle out there!  I hope this wasn’t too much of a bore. I have a fragrance class at FIDM this quarter, so I got a little more excited to review these in an efficient way! Leave me some comments on your thoughts of this line!

**These items have been sent to me courtesy of the company. This is my honest opinion**


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Fragrance Friday: Love, Beverly Hills XX Fragrance Sample Test

3 Scents. 3 Girls. All Beverly Hills!

Love, Beverly Hills XX

Hey guys! Happy Fragrance Friday! (This won’t be every Friday, but when I post about fragrance, it’ll be on Fridays! How fun!?) (loosely inspired from FleurDeForce!) Today I have 3 perfume samples to show you. As you may know, I go to FIDM for Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing. In school we get to hear a lot of amazing people in the industry and this week was no different!

This week, we had a guest speaker from JT Brands (who owns Love Beverly Hills XX), Irena Kojouharova, who kindly gave us these adorable little samples! These fragrances are inspired by the Beverly Hills lifestyle, and they actually are licensed to use “Beverly Hills” from the city itself!

Love, Beverly Hills XX

Because I got these in school, right after my fragrance class, so I wanted to do a fragrance test! In my fragrance class, we smell essential oils (dotted on some paper towel) and layer our own notes. Then, we write down our thoughts from smelling our custom scent. So, I wanted to write down my first thoughts from my first smell of these little guys! And then you can see if I was right or wrong!

Love, Beverly Hills XX eXXpressive, teXXt me, seXXy

This line has 3 fragrances, eXXpressive, teXXt me, and seXXy. I sprayed as close to an even and equal amount of fragrance on each towel (without mixing or touching. Then, I smelled it as they dried down and recorded my observations. Also, I did this without looking at what notes were in the fragrances (except I read one on seXXy when I went to their website on my phone, that’s why it says “cheater!” on that one)

Now, My Results!

1. eXXpressive: I called this one as “fresh, mature, and smells clean.” According to the website it describes the eXXpressive girl as a career driven girl who likes a light and fresh scent. I’d say I was dead on! It includes notes of CA Ruby Red Grapefruit and Yuzu, with CA White Jasmine, Lotus Flower, and Blonde CA Woods. This one is my least favorite, because I don’t like fresh scents that much, but if you do, I am sure you will love it!

2. teXXt me: I thought this one smelled really yummy! I thought I smelled apple at first, but when it dried down I got more florals. I was close with this one, but not dead on! The teXXt me girl is a flirt, who is “2 parts chic, 1 part rebel, and 1 part Beverly Hills.” The scent is CA Fresh Peach and Kiwi give way to flirty CA Honeysuckle, Freesia and Sandalwood. Peach is one of my favorite scents so I liked this one right away. I believe the Peach and Kiwi, when mixed, confused my nose into thinking it was apple! If you like sweet and fruity like I do, this is your scent!

3.seXXy: I didn’t think I would like this one at all, but I was pleasantly surprised! I thought it was a sweet musky scent, with a hint of licorice (I read it had anise somewhere) and got a vanilla or sugar vibe. It reminded me of Aquolina Pink Sugar’s grown up sister, who isn’t as overbearing as that scent tends to be! It is described as a mischievous girl who is “mostly nice!” She wants her fragrance to rock her (and his) worlds! The scent includes CA Mirabelle Plum, Cassis, CA Frangipani and Carmel Mountain Lilac, Praline Milk and Cashmere woods. If you are a sulty girl, this is your perfect scent! I think anyone would like to wear it as a night fragrance though, I know I did!


My Final Thoughts

    I think this collection is a great idea, and personally, I think the thought of the 3 different scents for 3 different types of girls was pretty cool. But, for me, I thought the type of person I perceive myself to be didn’t match up with the ones I liked! I would consider myself to be like the eXXpressive girl, but from smelling the perfumes, I would say I’d wear teXXt me in the daytime and seXXy at night! I can’t pick a favorite!
Love, Beverly Hills XX eXXpressive, teXXt me, seXXy Fragrance Test

Tell me in the comments which BH girl you are (or would want to be!)

**This post contains one or more products that I have gotten for free– for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**

Essence Magnetic Nail Polish in Mystic Wish!

Hello everyone! So, in my birthday swap with Elodie from Accropolish, I got a ton of awesome nail polishes, but, I was SO EXCITED when I got 2 of the Essence Magnetic nail polishes. I haven’t been able to find these in the U.S. at all! These were the first magnetic nail polishes I’ve ever heard of, which is great because Essence is an affordable line. Now, magnetics are kind of becoming the new crackle/shatter effect and more brands are coming out with them (such as Nails Inc. and Layla Magneffects).

Essence Magnetics Mystic Wish!

Essence Magnetics Mystic Wish!

After wearing it for a while, I noticed on the fingers where a thin layer of topcoat was applied, the magnetic stripes dulled down a bit. So, use a thicker layer of top coat, and for the most part it stays. The downside is that it chips really fast, I had a noticeable chip the same day I painted them, and had tipwear after around 24 hours. It is true you get what you pay for! (But I think it is great that there is this “technology” available at such a low price point!)

Mavala Cyclades Blue and Revlon Blue Mosaic

Hey guys! Today I have a very pretty combo for you all to see! The base color, a bright blue (hardly needed 2 coats!) called Cyclades Blue by Mavala, a Swiss brand of nail polish that I received from my birthday swap with my friend Elodie from Accropolish! I just love it, don’t you? It’s so vivid! Since I just got Revlon Blue Mosaic in my haul from Las Vegas, I decided to layer it. I think it looks so pretty! What do you think?

Mavala Cyclades Blue and Revlon Blue Mosaic

Mavala Cyclades Blue and Revlon Blue Mosaic

Halloween Zombie Nails and Tutorial

Zombie Flesh Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is closely approaching, so I thought it would be cool to make a tutorial that would go along with a Zombie themed costume (because can you really imagine a zombie with neon pink nails? hahaha!). I wanted these nails to look bruised, dulled, and bloody. To achieve that look, I used yellow, gray, purple, green, and red nail polishes. I definitely suggest you to use what you have! This is a very easy method and is completely unique! I left any sponged-on polish residue on my fingers, because it just enhances the dirtiness of a zombie who likely just crawled out of the grave on Halloween!

Zombie Flesh Halloween Nail Art

Enjoy the tutorial! And what are you all being for Halloween?