OPI The Show Goes On (Burlesque), Taylor Swift, and Birthday Thanks

I normally don’t like reds. Hence, why I haven’t used this color until now. Maybe this is also due to the fact that I have this one in a mini baby and I just forget about them. Anyways, this is a polish from one of my best friends. The Show Goes On is a pinky red with a bronzey orange duochrome. The whole polish a glass-fleck texture so it looks very metallic without the streaks that metallics tend to give.I can’t stop looking at them!

OPI The Show Goes On (Burlesque)OPI The Show Goes On (Burlesque)OPI The Show Goes On (Burlesque)

Thank you SO much to the following bloggers who commented on my last post to wish me a happy birthday. It made my day to feel the blogger love! Check their blogs out, because they are all awesome!
Gotham Polish, Sonidlo, Ksyu Style,Lepidopteria, Aquaheart’s Obsessions, and Liquid Jelly!

Tonight I’m going to see Taylor Swift at the Staples Center. She’s has surprise guests of JUSTIN BIEBER and Jason Mraz. I have been hoping and wishing for a girl guest…preferably Miley Cyrus, she’s my favorite. Well, I’ll be sure to let you know if there is one! Hahaha. I have been listening to Taylor Swift’s mainstream songs ever since she got on the radio practically, but for the past 24 hours I have been listening to her supposed setlist on repeat. Her music reminds me of things I am going through right now. Love her!

Talk to you guys later! <3 <3 <3

Birthday Nails : A Glitter and Jelly Sandwich!

My last post as an 18 year old! I turn 19 as of 4:52pm on August 19, 2011. Yes, my golden birthday. I did consider golden nails but I think it’ll be a tad much because I plan on accessorizing with gold on my birthday. Anyways, let’s get to the nails!

Glitter Jelly Nail Polish Sandwich

First: What the heck is a Glitter (and Jelly) Sandwich?
for those who may not know, this just may sound plain weird!
A glitter and jelly sandwich is basically an inside out sandwich. the jelly polish is your bread, and the glitter is your jelly. The sandwiched glitter makes for a more unified look and makes the glitter look like it was suspended in the polish!

Glitter Sandwich (left) vs. Regular Glitter Topcoat (Right)
Glitter Sandwich (left) vs. Regular Glitter Topcoat (Right)

Second: How does it make a difference in how it looks?
The glitter gets dulled down, it doesn’t shine as much. Also, depending on the color you use, it will change the color of the glitter. For mine, since it was nude, it lightened.

Glitter Jelly Nail Polish Sandwich

Third:What combo did I use?
I used:
Orly Bonder as a base coat
2 coats of OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy for my base. It’s kind of a jelly because it’s just a super sheer cream finish color, which is the same thing to me!
MANY coats (3 or more depending on the nail) of Wet n Wild Party of 5 Glitters. This has too much clear polish in it. I always would end up with hardly any glitter but a ton of clear.
On my thumbs I put a coat of China Glaze Glam, but I didn’t like it enough to put it on all of my nails.
Then, Sally Hansen Insta Dri

Glitter Jelly Nail Polish Sandwich

So what do you think of this concept? Tell me in the comments!

Chanel Paradoxal + OPI Sparkle-icious

Wow! I feel like I haven’t posted in centuries. I’m sorry about that :( Life is rough….hahaha. Well, today I have a polish I’ve had for the longest time but have never actually used. And it’s a CHANEL. I don’t understand how that could ever happen. This is the hard to find discontinued shade, Paradoxal. I used 2 coats.

Chanel Paradoxal + OPI Sparkle-icious
Chanel Paradoxal + OPI Sparkle-icious


Chanel Paradoxal + OPI Sparkle-icious
Blurred to show sparkle

For me, this was a lot harder to photograph than most polishes I’ve used. It was really hard to capture the shimmer, or even see the shimmer. I only really saw it whenever I was in the pool actually…