Max 2012 by Cherimoya Swatch: Innocence + Ruby Kisses Cheezums

Short but sweet little post- here is another swatch for you. This combo was very bright.

Max 2012 by Cherimoya Swatch: Innocence + Ruby Kisses Cheezums

Max 2012 by Cherimoya Crackle Nail Polishes – $1.99 (reg. $2.99) at Sam’s Beauty
Ruby Kisses HD Nail Polishes – $1.95 at Sam’s Beauty

Max 2012 by Cherimoya Swatch: Innocence + Ruby Kisses Cheezums

I really liked this nail combo. The only downfall for me, was that the white crackle turned more of a cream color, it absorbed some of the orangey yellow from the base color. I didn’t find this a huge issue because I have seen that happen with a ton of white polishes. Also, it kind of made it look less harsh.

Max 2012 by Cherimoya Swatch: Innocence + Ruby Kisses Cheezums

Both of these products were sent to me for free, but my opinions are honest.

Ruby Kisses Happily Yellow, MAX 2012 Eternity, Inglot 202

I only got 1 good photo of this one- my bad. I supposed I did black and  yellow for my favorite sports team, The Pittsburgh Steelers. and I think any other colored crackle would look weird over yellow but who knows!

Max 2012 by Cherimoya Crackles: $1.99 on Sam’s Beauty
Ruby Kisses HD Nail Polish: $1.95 on Sam’s Beauty

Ruby Kisses Happily Yellow + Max 2012 by Cherimoya Eternity Crackle/ Inglot 202

This crackle is very opaque and works best in thin coats with no overlapping strokes.

** Ruby Kisses and Max 2012 were sent to me by Sam’s Beauty, but my opinions are honest.

Watermelon Nails with Tutorial

Inspired by one of the best summer fruits, I did my nails watermelon-style! Here are some additional photos! What do you think of this manicure?? I did it using the crackle, Santee nail art striper and Ruby Kisses polishes I received from Sam‘s Beauty.
This manicure takes minimal time but looks great!

*I received the MAX 2012 By Cherimoya Crackle for free

Things I Love #2: Bath and Body Works S’mores Candle

I just realized I haven’t done a 2nd one of these since I started! :O Bad Olivia! Well, here’s a new thing I’m loving that I have just gotten recently, Bath and Body Works’ S’mores Candle. This is in the preview mini size and the full size will be coming out with their fall collection.

Bath and Body Works (Slatkin & Co.) S’mores Candle, $3.50 (or 3 for $5)

I like to melt my candles on a candle warmer I got at Michael’s for $5. If you burned it, I am sure you would get the campfire-y goodness that this candle is “missing”- to me, it has a much stronger vanilla note. But this little candle can scent my entire bedroom nicely. I will probably still get the big one when the candles are 2 for $20, because I love scents like this, then I can give this one to my little sister.

I love s’mores and I love candles! Have any of you tried this candle? What do you think?

MAX 2012 Crackle by Cherimoya Swatch: Prayer

I just received a bunch of polishes from Sam’s Beauty, so here I am beginning the swatch fest! I had to use my favorite color first- purple! This color is called Prayer, and you can purchase it from Sam’s Beauty for $1.99.

My camera didn’t want to photograph exactly how it is. It has a lot more red/pink tones, it’s not that blue :) This is over 2 coats of OPI alpine snow.

I really like how these crackle. This one wasn’t perfectly opaque but it didn’t look bad at all. I’ve noticed after a day or 2 of wear that the color bleeds into the white, which isn’t terrible in my opinion because it isn’t noticeable unless someone is really investigating your nails.

**This post contains one or more products that I have gotten for free– for more information, please read my Disclosure Policy**