Catrice I Scream Peach + OPI I Lily Love You

I got this Catrice Polish from Elodie @ Accropolish a while ago, but with the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean OPI collection, it was put on the back-burner. Finally I was able to wear it and it is gorgeous!

Catrice I Scream Peach Alone

This polish was ALMOST a 1 coater, but I had a little bit of translucence to cover with the 2nd coat.

Catrice I Scream Peach and I Lily Love You

I Lilly Love You darkens it a bit and makes it more pink toned. I think next time I’d do it to the whole manicure so it looks the same.

OPI Comparison: Teenage Dream vs. I Lilly Love You

I read multiple nail polish blogs and on one of the swatches of I Lilly Love You from the Nice Stems collection, a commenter asked how it’d compare to Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. Although I personally didn’t think they’d compare, since I just got both of them in the past 2 days, I decided to compare the two.

1 coat

2 coats

3 coats

I don’t really find them to be identical at all. Personally, I prefer Teenage Dream on it’s own with my skintone, but I think I Lilly Love You would look better layered over other colors, which I’ll have to experiment with.


NOTD- OPI Sparrow Me The Drama + China Glaze Glam

This color exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting this to be so pretty at all! I thought the formula was good, as I didn’t need more than 2 coats for a flawless finish. Sparrow Me The Drama is a slightly dusty medium toned pink. I thought China Glaze’s Glam would be a good pair with this, although it’s not my favorite combo for this glitter (which I will swatch on here eventually!), I still like the small and medium sized pink glitter over this shade!

What is your favorite pink polish?

Mosaic Nail Art (Liquid Jelly Inspired)

This is the same OPI Stranger Tides mani I just posted, but I decided to add this cool mosaic nail effect that I saw on Liquid Jelly. It’s so cool! (Tutorial by Liquid Jelly, hence why I didn’t do one.

NOTD: OPI Stranger Tides

I didn’t have extremely high hopes for this nail polish, but I still thought it’d be in the middle ranks from this collection. Boy, was I wrong. I LOVE THIS NAIL POLISH. I’d say it is my 2nd favorite so far (I think I have 1 left), but my favorite to date is Skull and Glossbones. Stranger Tides is pretty much a flawless application in 2 coats. I am trying a new topcoat and I think that helped it out a lot too because my last one was a streaky mess.

Say it with me….GORGEOUS.

P.S. I have a nail art post coming up tomorrow with this same manicure- It’s a ring finger detail ;)

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