NOTD: Essie Van D’Go

I haven’t been wearing a lot of major nail art lately. I’ve been wearing a lot of springy colors and just leaving them alone or adding the slightest detail. A few days ago my mom came home with 2 of the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens for me so I had to try them out!

I pained all of my nails with the Essie polish, but it didn’t go that well….for me, it was very streaky and kind of thick. Kind of a bummer to say the least.

Can you see the streakiness?

On my left ring finger I did a series of X’s and it made a cool design. You’d get the same effect from doing crossing diagonal lines along the nail. The nail art pens are easy to work with BUT make sure your nail polish is completely dry before you use them, because even if they feel dry it can mess it up.

I also did a heart on my thumb, just for fun.

The heart was a lot easier than it would have been with a traditional nail art pen or brush.
These dry pretty quickly to a satiny almost matte finish, So add a top coat.
ALSO, they are water based so if you don’t put on a topcoat it will wash off quite easily. The good thing about these is that they don’t run and streak as easily as nail art typically does. I put the top coat on shortly after doing the heart and there was no streaking.
I did notice that even after thorough shaking of the little pen, it was still coming out looking like a marbled effect with white, light pink, and neon pink. So, that is kind of annoying.

I’d give these a 3.5/5 Stars. GREAT for beginners I’m sure of it!

Have you tried any of these polishes?