China Glaze 2011 Collections: What’s to Come!

I haven’t been much of a fan of China Glaze to be perfectly honest..mainly because I was let down by For Audrey color-wise….but they are keeping up with the Joneses and bringing their A-game in 2011.

First, the most buzzed about, I would say- the China Glaze Crackle Glaze Polish collection- which is supposed to be out now or by the end of the month depending on your location I believe.

Here are some great swatches from The PolishAholic. This collection is a 6 color collection, which was lacking with the OPI Black Shatter, because it was *only* black (to start out  with). I appreciate the fact that China Glaze is offering what I am noticing to be the next big thing in nail polish, but in multiple colors. CG is also a lot more accessible to people, and CHEAPER. Although I want the white and gray, the mint color is tempting because that is one of my favorite colors. But, as always….I want to see it in person before I buy it because although I read a lot of blogs, I want to make sure the color is right for me! Do any of you want/have these? I’d love to know!

The China Glaze Tronica collection has fallen short of my expectations, even before being released. I expected this collection to be a revamped OMG collection, which I was too daft to buy into at the time, and my appreciation for nail polish has grown….yeah appreciation is a good word ;). I saw swatches on Makeup Withdrawal, who did comparisons to a lot of colors that I was interested in. I was hoping that these would be the “oil slick” type of holographic- but looks like I’ll have to eventually fork up the change for a Nfu Oh Holo…..(maybe the flakies too….well let’s not get me started on FLAKIES) These are set to release in March/April. The only one I kind of want is Gamer Glam, but I am not drooling on my keyboard like I was imagining I would when I saw this collection. But, some people will love it.

The Island Escape Collection is set to launch in April 2011, I am really unenthusiastic with this collection to be blunt. They seem to be the “same old” in terms of nail polish. I want something, new, innovative, and pretty, so I am hard to impress.I’m sure a lot of diehard CG fans will enjoy, but this has me feeling empty.

I automatically squeal of excitement for this collection. The bottom row’s last four colors are so original and INNOVATIVE looking from that, but I’ll have to see that to know it. I though that their “Street Chic” was going to be a Sephora By OPI Metro Chic Dupe, but from the computer generated swatch, it looks a little lighter but a good dupe nonetheless. I’d be okay with having both 😉 I think I like this collection because it is more trendy. I take the metro to school so I am totally feeling it. It is based on NYC as you can see in the promo images, and although I live on the west coast, I go to school in downtown LA so I share the same mentality. PROPS! This is a 12 color collection with cremes, shimmers, AND glitters. I can’t wait to see swatches of these.
I’m sure there may be more that I’m leaving out, but these are the ones that I have decided to chat about! Will you be picking any of these up?

Sources: NailMall, Makeup Withdrawal, The PolishAholic

OPI and Pirates of the Caribbean Shiver me Timbers!

Sorry for the cheesy title, but I just can’t resist…
OPI has decided to launch a collaborative collection with the people from Pirates! I believe they are launching this around May, maybe the same time as the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides movie? I am not a fan of the Pirates franchise, it’s just not my fave movie genre, but LOOK at these colors! And…..SILVER SHATTER!!! Here are the press photos:


From what I can see, the collection is kind of a hit and miss. But, of course I’ll have to see it in person. Knowing myself, I will at least be getting 1 or 2. I can’t pass up that Silver Shatter! You know, I love my Black Shatter, so now I am hooked! The colors that look pretty intriguing and unique to me are: Mermaid Tears (It looks like a dirty teal maybe?), Skulls and Glossbones, and Stranger Tides. I don’t really know how the colors translate to the movies, but I don’t really think of the pastel pink and purple when I think of Jack Sparrow…hahaha! I can’t wait to see swatches of this collection! What colors would you want to pick up?