Sephora + OPI=Glee?

This just in! Sephora (by/with OPI) is teaming up with hit FOX show, GLEE to create 7 new shades! These polish colors will be available in February, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The collection will include 7 regular sized shades available for a markup from Sephora by OPI’s normal price ($9) $9.50 per bottle. For those that don’t want to splurge, you can grab the mini set of 6 polishes for $22. The mini set includes 3 of the regular shades, and 3 exclusive ones.

Slushied: opaque baby blue (available in mini set and full size)
Hell To The No: bold purple (full size only)
Gleek Out: glittery lime green (available in mini set and full size)
Diva In Training: poppy pink (full size only)
Who Let The Dorks Out: peacock green (full size only)
Miss Bossy Pants: rich shimmery raspberry (available in mini and full size)
Mash Up: pearlescent green gray (full size only)
Celibacy Club: diamond topcoat (mini set only)
Express Yourself to Yourself: coral shimmer (mini set only)
Sue vs. Shue: sparkling navy (mini set only)

I wish they’d have a mini set with all 10 shades, but oh well.

Sephora customers can also expect 3 new designs of their Chic Prints, formulated by Minx especially for Sephora GLEE. These nail prints cost $15 and will last on your nails around 2 days.
The designs are:
Showstopper: Gold Stars
Berry Special: Polka Dots (is it just me or does the gold stars scream RACHEL BERRY more than dots?)
One Hit Wonder: Musical Notes

Watch your favorite Glee Girls Mani’s on February 8th’s episode of GLEE on FOX- because they’ll be flaunting these shades!

Will you be picking these up when they come out?

Source: Stylelist